10 Jan 2015

Ralph Peters on How to Defeat Islamic Terrorism

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2 Feedbacks on "Ralph Peters on How to Defeat Islamic Terrorism"


I heard Peters say this and I both cheered his honesty and cringed at the reality of what he is saying. I believe he is right. The only answer to this rapidly growing threat is an organized effort to hunt them down and kill them and to use the weapons that offer the best chance of success even at the risk of collateral damage. I don’t think any of the touchy. feely choices will succeed. The problem is that I don’t think the world is ready and willing to do what it will take to end this threat. 9/11 seemed to bring out the resolve but that quickly desolved to be replaced by political exploitation of 9/11 and apology tours. We are still waiting for that defining terrorist attack, that attck that is so horrible that even the most liberal person will finally agree these people must die so that the rest of humanity can live. So sadly we must wait until the terrorist nuke Paris or Tel Aviv or New Yoirk City before we will take proper action.


I used to have pack rats eating through things in my home. I tried reasoning with them. I tried apologizing to them. I tried to empathize with their grievances. Nothing worked. Then I tried poison. Now I don’t have a rat problem.


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