01 Feb 2015

“A Totally Corrupt Moment in Our Culture”

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Lisa Schiffren observed:

Perhaps the reason the football deflation scandal resonates, aside from the usual distraction from more serious matters, is that it reinforces the pervasive sense that this is a totally corrupt moment in our culture, in which everything is corrupt. EVERYTHING is CORRUPT. Nothing is honest. Politicians lie with impunity. The media lies. Polticians steal and skim and it’s a big deal when someone prosecutes. Schools teach made up versions of history to placate minorities. Publishers change maps to placate clients. Directors change historic reality for a better story. The narrative is more important than the facts. If you don’t like your sex, call yourself the other one, and everyone will pretend it’s the case. So someone took a little air out of a pigskin, to win at a competitive sport…That is the very least of the corruption in which we live. But dismaying because … what’s left?”

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bob sykes

You’re forgetting the game officials. After every play, at least two to three of them handle the ball and can determine its condition. If you doubt this, watch a rain game and see how often the ball is changed and wiped dry.

When the officials put the ball in play, they are certifying it meets NFL standards, or is so close as to not matter.

So, if deflate gate is real, and not an accident of cold weather, the officials are implicated in game rigging. And remember, this has supposedly been going on for years.

That’s a bigger issue than some equipment manager tuning the balls to his quarterback’s desires. It’s bigger than the Black Sox scandal. At then, the game officials weren’t involved.

Everything is Corrupt | Zions Trumpet

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Assistant Village Idiot

Now comes the evidence that 10 of the 11 “deflated” balls were just a tick low – easily within the range of the effect of temperature. Only one was 2psi low.

Presumably, amidst all the investigation into the chain of possession, that data must have been known immediately. Whoever first reported to the league office that the 11 balls were under the pressure required before the game must also have known that 10 of 11 weren’t, really.

I don’t think it is NE Patriots’ supposed cheating at every turn that drives the readiness to believe any accusation against them. I think it’s because Belichik can be a prick, and a whole lot of Pats fans are pricks as well. We are.


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