23 Feb 2015

Would Bill de Blasio or Boris Johnson Do This?

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Jerusalem’s mayor Nir Barkat

Bridget Johnson :

The mayor of Jerusalem and his bodyguard took down a knife-wielding terrorist today, a takedown captured on Jerusalem Municipality Emergency and Safety Department footage.

According to YNet News, the 18-year-old Palestinian teen from Ramallah stabbed a 27-year-old Haredi man in central Jerusalem’s Safra Square.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, 55, was in his car nearby, jumped out of his vehicle along with his security guard, and rushed the suspect. They also gave first aid to the victim, who suffered “moderate” wounds, until paramedics arrived.

Barkat, who was a paratrooper during his six years of IDF service, is in the white shirt in the… security footage.

2 Feedbacks on "Would Bill de Blasio or Boris Johnson Do This?"


Boris ? I don’t know, but his hair might provide a distraction that gives him some advantage if he decides to tussle.

de Blasio ?? Never !! He’s not only a commie but a wimp. I need no further proof than the welding gloves, thick leather and gauntlets to his elbows, that he wore during his accidental homicide of a pet groundhog..


I could see Bibi doing this, too. Barack? Not so much.


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