24 Feb 2015

Does Obama Love America?



John Steele Gordon also has his doubts.

The president is on record as saying he’s a Christian and so most people simply accept the assertion. To be sure, it’s not exactly unprecedented for people to say things that aren’t true (ask Brian Williams), and one can only wonder how many of the tenets of the Nicene Creed Obama actually takes seriously. But because we are not given the power to see into other men’s souls, we accept his assertion and move on.

But has he ever said he loves this country? Perhaps, especially as a prelude to criticizing it for some lapse from perfection, but I don’t know of an instance. He is very much on record as denying American exceptionalism, which is pretty startling for the head of state of a country as exceptional as this country actually is (a topic for another post).

He has openly expressed his contempt for tens of millions of his fellow citizens who are not part of the liberal intellectual and financial establishment, mocking them for clinging to “God and guns,” which is a pretty startling statement for a Christian.

And he is the only head of state in all human history, as far as I know, and I know a fair amount about history, whose core foreign-policy operative principle has been to diminish the power and influence of the country he heads. He wants to lead from behind if we lead at all, and he clearly thinks that America is more often a part of the problem than a part of the solution.

So perhaps he loves this country and perhaps he doesn’t. He reminds me of the sort of parents who say they love their children, but only criticize them, while holding other children up as examples to be emulated. Parents like this, when their children are grown-up, wonder why they never come to visit them. They don’t understand that love is a two-way street. As someone who aspires to be a “world transformative figure,” Obama might want to consider that. But I doubt he will.

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One Feedback on "Does Obama Love America?"


I think eventually we will discover that Obama was the real life Manchurian candidate. He was placed in every position he ever held by unknown forces. He somehow came into this country entirely alone as a foreigner (his own words on his college application) with no money or assets and was immediately accepted by Columbia University. Just try that to discover how difficult that would be. But in fact no one at Columbia remembers him. Not the professors who taught classes he would have had to take and not classmates who were in those same classes. Every year at their reunion they discuss this odd issue and no one has ever come forward to say they remember him. Then he was immediately accepted at Harvard, another amazing feat. He was seen at Harvard but not much. Again it seems he passed his classes (it’s all secret so no one really knows) but didn’t show up much if at all. He seems to have “called it in”. Then his various appointments in the secretive black mafia of Chicago were doled out to him and finally elected to the state legislature where he never voted yea or nea on any legislation. Now president and we know very little about him. Except that Rudy got it right; he clearly doesn’t like America and based on his actions seems to want to destroy America. He has devastated our military, our foriegn policy, our economy, our industries, etc. What would be different if he was openly the Manchurian candidate?


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