02 Mar 2015

The New York Times Readership, In a Nutshell

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A tweet from Gavin MacInnes via Vanderleun.

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T. Shaw

“Name Withheld” says it all. Not an opinion: I wouldn’t waste a bullet on the uselss sac of feces.


Typical Progressive, “Your views offend me, therefore NO ONE shall have any access to them!”

Jerry the Geek

That’s really funny.

When I worked in the Data Processing Department at my local university, there were ALWAYS a stack of magazines (“progressive” viewpoint) in the break room.

I spent a significant amount of my break time sucking down weak coffee and weak politics.


Because nobody could make strong coffee except me, and I had to throw out the crappy pot of coffee and wait for it to brew.

Oh, the crappy political rags?

I read them, every issue and every day. I didn’t agree with most of it, but I wanted to check in with ‘the other side’ to see what they had to say … even if it was “not much new this month, again”.

I also subscribed to “National Review”, and when I was finished with an edition, I brought it to work and left it in the breakroom so that my friends and co-workers would have the opportunity to see divergent opinion.

The NR magazine must have been very popular, because it seems that my friends and co-workers were taking them home to discuss these ‘different views’ with their families.

Except … sometimes, someone got careless and bumped the NR magazine off the end of the counter, into the waste-paper basket.

Clumsy people, these Academics.


Sounds like a typical “progressive’ to me.


Don’t be silly. Liberals wouldn’t censor legitimate opinion just because they disagree with it. That would be like refusing to attend a historic speech by Netanyahu before congress. Why, that would be intolerant and childish.

Steve Gregg

What I savor is the offended lefty trashing the magazine she hates and twisting the act to be free speech.


My favorite blog has a collection of writings for public consumption. People commonly post their own responses and leave them for others to read. One type of writing that regularly appears in the blog is a snippet taken from another publication with snied, insufferably liberal viewpoint that I find absurd. When I see such a post, I delete_


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