04 Apr 2015

16-Course Lunch at the World’s Best Restaurant

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Course 2: bontanebi (still twitching shrimp) served with bits of wood ants featuring a lemon-scented pheromone.

Jeralyn Gerba undoubtedly pulled rank as a prominent travel blogger to get to the front of a 60,000+-long line of eager diners trying to catch a meal during the world-famous Copenhagen-based Noma restaurant’s six week long “pop-up” visit to Tokyo.

[M]y epic midday meal was like a thousand-year culture and history lesson served in a few dozen bites. …

I was psyched to hear the Noma philosophy straight from the horse’s mouth. How does a restaurant become the best in the world? How does such an outlandishly expensive operation create enough buzz to maintain the spotlight? You’d expect some flash (hello, 16-course tasting menu) and a few gimmicks (serving “technically dead” crustaceans covered in ants), but you might underestimate, as I did, the degree to which each and every item on the plate (not to mention the plate itself) has meaning, intention, and purpose. There’s an answer for everything, including moving to Japan. These guys are not messing around.

Read the whole thing.

One Feedback on "16-Course Lunch at the World’s Best Restaurant"

Dan Kurt

Irony, stupendous irony! Danish restaurant that is touted a world’s best proves without a shadow of a doubt that Danish author Hans Christian Anderson’s story The Emperor’s New Clothes is a Truth that is expressed flawlessly and is timeless. Read the article and see that Nothing Served (save possibly the duck) is fit to eat. Fools, miserable fools.

Dan Kurt

p.s. I have been to Japan multiple times and LOVE Japanese food. And BTW the best Japanese food is found in Tiawan because there one gets exquisite Japanese food served in Chinese portions not the “demitasse” Japanese ones. (Remember the Japanese controlled the island when it was called Formosa for generations so Japanese cuisine was imbedded there.)


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