26 May 2015

John Scalzi Gets $3.4 Million Publishing Deal

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John Scalzi, a best-selling author of science fiction, has signed a $3.4 million, 10-year deal with the publisher Tor Books that will cover his next 13 books.

Mr. Scalzi’s works include a series known as the “Old Man’s War” and the more recent “Redshirts,” a Hugo-award-winning sendup of the luckless lives of nonfeatured characters on shows like the original “Star Trek.” Three of his works are being developed for television, including “Redshirts” and “Lock In,” a science-inflected medical thriller that evokes Michael Crichton. Mr. Scalzi’s hyper-caffeinated Internet presence through his blog, Whatever, has made him an online celebrity as well.

Mr. Scalzi approached Tor Books, his longtime publisher, with proposals for 10 adult novels and three young adult novels over 10 years. Some of the books will extend the popular “Old Man’s War” series, building on an existing audience, and one will be a sequel to “Lock In.” Mr. Scalzi said he hoped books like “Lock In” could draw more readers toward science fiction, since many, he said, are still “gun-shy” about the genre.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden, the executive editor for Tor, said the decision was an easy one. While Mr. Scalzi has never had a “No. 1 best seller,” he said, “he backlists like crazy.”

Scalzi has alienated a significant portion of his readership with sanctimonious hoplophobic blog posts (example) and by lining up with the Social Justice Warriors in the fighting over the Hugo Awards. My guess is that his backlisting powers will be declining.

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What the hell is a hoplophobe, someone afraid of shields?


The gun piece you linked to seemed very moderate and well reasoned to me.

Hell he even approves of guns carried for self defense.

Captain Murdock

“My guess is that his backlisting powers will be declining.” [sic]

His backlisting powers? His ability to list backs? Mmm-hmmm.

If by “lining up with the Social Justice Warriors in the fighting over the Hugo Awards” you mean Scalzi making such Stalin-esque pronouncements as “If you vote your own conscience, there is no wrong way to vote for the Hugos,” well, by Og, buy him the t-shirt, baby.

One for me, too. 2XL, please. The XLs get tight around the shoulders.



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