31 May 2015

Average of 102 Climate Models Versus Reality

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It is even significantly worse than this chart shows. 1977 was picked by the Warmies for a reason; it was the low temperature period of the 20th century. Had they picked 1934 the chart would show global cooling not even the meager warming it does show. We are so being played…

Maggie's Farm

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Assistant Village Idiot

Thanks. Concise.

Here is the Average of 102 Climate Models Versus Observed Reality | American Elephants

[…] (h/t: Cato Institute & Never Yet Melted) […]

Mark Lozowski

These climate models predicted Mount Pinatubo quite accurately.


The fact that you have 102 different models that do the same thing says the models are junk and you don’t know what you are doing.


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