05 Jun 2015

The Numbers Are In: The FDA Kills More People Than It Saves

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Cato Institute:

Analyst Dale Gieringer figured that the benefits of FDA regulation “could reasonably be put at some 5,000 casualties per decade or 10,000 per decade for worst-case scenarios. In comparison … the cost of FDA delay can be estimated at anywhere from 21,000 to 120,000 lives per decade.”

Hat tips to Sarah Jenislawski and Jim Harberson.

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Government accounting doesn’t work that way. For instance when the government hires someone, they’ve created a job. The job that is foregone because someone in the private sector no longer has those funds is not counted.


The FDA is necessary of course. The problem is that a lot of their policy has been created as the result of civil lawsuits and not pure science and reason. Years ago in the computer field the common saying was that “no one ever got fired by buying IBM”. The meaning is even if another computer system might have been better suited for the project if you instead bought the acknowledged leader in the field you wouldn’t be criticised for your decision even if the project failed. So in the FDA it makes sense to put more barriers and hoops to jump through for the drug companies before approving those life saving drugs. No one will criticize you for being too careful whereas if the drug is approved too quickly and it causes unanticipated health problems you will be accused of failing at your job to protect the public. This attitude creates delays and unnecessary procedures.

James Hill

The FDA needs to be defunded and shut down.It does more harm than good and now it’s going after safe herbs and leaves that cure even drug addiction, yet, they continue to spread lies about safe leaf based products like Kratom saying it kills people. They are obviously being bought out by big pharmacueticals and I for one am sick and tired of some damned agency telling me, a grown human what we can and can not take or face years in prison. America has become a police-state and we want our rights BACK!


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