07 Jul 2015

“Unequivocal Evidence” of Extraterrestrial Life on Comet

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Sky News:

Evidence of alien life is “unequivocal” on the comet carrying the Philae probe through space, two leading astronomers have said.

The experts say the most likely explanation for certain features of the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, such as its organic-rich black crust, is the presence of living organisms beneath an icy surface.

Rosetta, the European spacecraft orbiting the comet, is also said to have picked up strange “clusters” of organic material that resemble viral particles. …

“[D]ata coming from the comet seems to unequivocally, in my opinion, point to micro-organisms being involved in the formation of the icy structures, the preponderance of aromatic hydrocarbons, and the very dark surface.

“These are not easily explained in terms of pre-biotic chemistry.

“The dark material is being constantly replenished as it is boiled off by heat from the Sun. Something must be doing that at a fairly prolific rate.”

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This is, of course, unadulterated hype (to be kind). The aromatic hydrocarbons and dark surface are being generated by UV interactions with the onboard material.

Dan Kurt

Bull sh*it science is being undone here. The sun is not heating the nucleus and it certainly is not made up of ice or snow. What you see is a rock scarred by electric currents as it tumbles deeper in the electrical field of the solar system. Google “electric universe” and “James McCanney science.”
Dan Kurt


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