16 Jul 2015

Sounds Good to Me

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KrugmanTrumpPaul Krugman

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He is belligerent and a loudmouth as are almost all New Yorkers. I doubt he is racist but he did dare totake on an issue that is peripherally related to race and that allows the real racists to attack him. As for compassion you have to wonder if people whoespouse this opinion spoil their own children and raise lazy adults who cannot take care of themselves. Anyone with real compassion would be opposed to welfare and all the give away programs we have that keeppeople down. The greatest opportunity we have in life is to learn to be self sufficient and capable of caring for ourselves and our family. Our foolish but “compassionate policies deny that opportunity to 50 million Americans generation after generation simply to keep them voting for more “free stuff”. That is the liberal definition of compassion.

T. Shaw

After reading that, my eyes ache.

Everything that guy says is bullshit. The man is an imbecile and anyone that thinks he’s not a complete idiot.

Reltney McFee

Pot, meet kettle. Speak among yourselves


I continue to marvel at the liberal assertion that compassion is something that can only be dispensed by government.


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