21 Jul 2015

Better Six Californias Than One

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Californians led by Venture Capitalist Tim Draper are believed to have collected enough signatures to put a proposal for splitting California into six states on the ballot.

WaPo story

If we can’t saw California off at the Nevada line and float it out to sea, this sounds like the best option.

4 Feedbacks on "Better Six Californias Than One"

Robert A.

Do you really want ten additional US senators from California?


At the local level this would help the Californians who live in the “Inland Empire.” Nationally, it might increase the political dysfunction and acrimony.


At worst, I think we’d break even between Republicans and democrats, and we’d have a good chance of the rural and Orange County Californians turning the balance in our favor.


Some of the Californias would become sanctuary states. Another 5 million Mexicans and Asians would add at least three Congressional seats.


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