10 Aug 2015

Dallas Cops Shoot Black Burglar and Media and Libs Freak Out

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The late Christian Taylor

Some News Agency reported the other day:

A police officer in suburban Dallas shot and killed a college football player during a struggle after the unarmed 19-year-old crashed a car through the front window of a car dealership, authorities said Friday.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office identified the dead man as Christian Taylor, of Arlington. Taylor was a sophomore at Angelo State University in San Angelo.

Officers were responding to a burglary call about 1 a.m. Friday in Arlington when they discovered someone had driven a vehicle through a front window of the Classic Buick GMC, according to a statement from the Arlington Police Department. The statement said police approached the suspect and a struggle ensued. At some point during the struggle, an officer shot Taylor.


This surveillance video shows Taylor entering the lot of a closed automobile dealership at night, then first vandalizing cars then breaking into one. Taylor then leaves the lot and gets into his own vehicle, which he uses to break down the entrance barrier. He apparently then drove his SUV right through the dealership’s glass window onto the showroom floor. The police arrived and Taylor was shot after apparently resisting arrest.


Newsmachete, at American Thinker, collected a hilarious group of liberal reactions via HuffPo to the “tragic death” of Mr. Taylor.

Michael Beal:

Setting off every burglar alarm for a two block radius is an odd way to steal a car.

Jordan River:

So a young black male have a acident and crash into a car dealership and the cops murder him. Deja veu.

Jeff Grotke:

so the working police theory is he was crashing his own car, risking his life, in order to steal another one?

Edison Carter:

Who needs the KKK when we have taxpayer subsized killings by our own police?

Ronald Burker:

This will not change until rich white people are the victims.

Jeff Stein

Police officers nationwide continues their assault on unarmed black males. As the world watches……and politicians remain silent.

Vic Silva

Any interaction with the police is a potential death sentence.

David Poston

I suppose that is true regardless of what race you happen to be, but there is no doubt that the likelihood of dying increases exponentially if you are black.

Meesta Naturale

Guns should be locked in the police cars and only released by HQ on request of the officer.

3 Feedbacks on "Dallas Cops Shoot Black Burglar and Media and Libs Freak Out"


Hey–he was eating at Chick-Fil-A so he’s obviously a hater and homophobe. Libs should be celebrating Mr. Taylor’s demise.

T. Shaw

Suppose you were an idiot. And, suppose you were a liberal. But, I repeat myself.

Here is the only way to respond to such dangerous, deceitful stupidity, “Screw you, nitwit.”

sound awake

and so now the police chief fired the officer involved…

he too will soon find out that if you feed the leftist beast it only grows stronger


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