08 Sep 2015

Europe Welcoming Muslim Refugees

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Clarice Feldman finds the recent mass invasion of Europe by Islamic refugees reminds her of a certain apocalyptic novel she read way back in the early 1970s.

Not one of the rich Gulf States has offered to take in a single Syrian refugee. The U.S., which already spends one billion dollars a year on refugee resettlement and countless more in welfare benefits, is being asked to take in more of these refugees. This would further burden those already at the bottom of the labor market.

Either the West turns them away or it ceases to exist. It’s that simple. The EU and the U.S. had the chance to fight on foreign soil or accept an invasion of their own lands, and chose poorly. Their choice now is to refuse social welfare benefits, scratch multiculturalism, and require assimilation instead of kowtowing to demands for disparate treatment, or die.

This result is not one unforeseen. Over four decades ago, this development was foreseen among others by Jean Raspail, a French author, of The Camp of the Saints, a novel of Europe being overrun by refugees from the Third World. The left’s favorite hate group designator, the Southern Poverty Law Center, attacked the author, the book, and its publishers. “The book is a racist fantasy about an invasion of France and the white Western world by a fleet of starving, dark-skinned refugees, “a haunting and prophetic vision,”SPLC says, “of Western Civilization overrun by a burgeoning Third World population.”

Some fantasy. At the moment about 300,000 immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa have poured into Europe:

    More than 300,000 people have crossed into Europe by sea — most of them from Libya to Italy or from Turkey to Greece — and 2,600 have died in the attempt. Thirty to 40 drowned Friday after a boat carrying more than 120 Somalis, Sudanese and Nigerians deflated off the coast of Libya.

    The migrants who manage to get to Greece must then begin a difficult trek across Macedonia and Serbia before sneaking into Hungary in hopes of getting, eventually, to preferred destinations like Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands, which are prosperous, offer the chance for jobs and have been more welcoming than other nation.

The pictures show the immigrants are almost entirely men and young boys and once they’ve been granted asylum, there surely will be a call to admit their wives and children and parents and other family members, most of whom will require substantial social welfare services. If history is a guide, most will be inassimilable and reside in self-contained ghettoes, demanding ever more concessions for benefits and special treatment.

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So what does Europe look like in a couple decades after importing hordes of Muslims with fertility rates 3X the native populations?


There is a simple answer. Similar to Australia’s approach, declare that no one who crosses the border illegally can ever become a citizen. Then reinforce this by creating a prison for those who crossed illegally where they can only be released back to their country of origin. Men in one prison, women and young children in another. Daily flights/trains/boats back to their homelands.

Owen Welling

Moving from one place to another is hardly a problem..and if the government were not first in the business of taking the wealth of the country’s current inhabitants by force, most people would welcome an additional consumer demand in the marketplace.

Lawrie Lyons

Our hearts go out to the native people of Europe. My friends and I are writing to our politicians to open the immigration gates to you as a safer haven here in Australia. We need each other more than ever in these troubling times. We can see what is happening. May those that fear the tyranny that is too come please come knocking on our door the people of Australia will welcome you. All I can offer you for the present is a poem of old…. “While good men rot in filthy jails those that cried appease appease were the last to lose their heads among the trees.”

Sincere regards,
Lawrence Lyons
Citizen of Australia


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