16 Sep 2015

Bill Whittle Puts the Trump Candidacy into the Proper Perspective

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Paul Doty

Couldn’t agree more and THAT folks, is what the wizards of smart is missing. It brings to mind this piece by Alan Prendergast, Is Trump Worse Than That?


If unflinching, in your face, pop-culture bravado is what it takes to put a candidate over the top with a fickle electorate, then the fun is just beginning. The Left has got nobody to offer.

But the farm teams may be Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Chris Jenner, and Taylor Swift on one side, and Angelina Jolie, Pink, Vince Vaughn and Tom Selleck on the other. Imagine the ratings if campaigning becomes Celebrity Death Match. Perhaps Hunger Games is more prescient than we expected.


Understand that trump’s popularity is not because he is unflinchingand in your face. It is because he speaks truth to the illegal alien problem and no one else will.

Ray Van Dune

Anyone who is conflicted about whose interests to look out for, American citizens or illegals, is not getting my vote. We already have a President that can’t figure that one out.


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