16 Oct 2015

Democrat Policy Proposals

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I have never heard any of these people go on record defining what “rich” is. One of the debate moderators needs to do this. Mr. Sanders and Mrs. Clinton you say you are going to fund all this free stuff by taxing The Rich more. What level of income for a family of four would you consider “rich” and how much more are you going to tax that income?

The dilemma for the candidates is that if they name a high income figure — say, $250,000 — there is no way they can extract enough income from those few earners to pay for all their free stuff. If they name a lower figure — say, $100,000, there will be a whole lot of people earning at or near that level that will say, “Wait a minute. I’m not Rich”.

The facts are, and always have been, that “Tax The Rich” is just a slogan, not a realistic plan. But it works because the media let’s them get away with it.


They do indeed go after the rich but they will do it with a tax that taxes almost everyone who is working and producing. Ultimately the middle class will pay. The rich are smarter, have more resources and options available to them to help them avoid these taxes.


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