24 Nov 2015

Turkey v. Russia

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Now that Turkey has brought down a Russian fighter, and Vladimir Putin is promising retaliation, just in time! Daniel Greenfield has whipped up a short guide intended to help US progressives decide whom it is they should be rooting for.

Hello progressives,

This morning you’re probably wondering why there’s something about Turkey shooting down a Russian plane in the news. Why is this story taking up valuable space in your news feed and taking away time from reading about how stupid Donald Trump and Ben Carson are, or how yoga is cultural genocide or how oppressed Yale students are? And didn’t Obama already fix the Syrian Civil War with a hashtag?

You’re probably worrying over which side is the progressive one in the Turkey-Russia spat.

3 Feedbacks on "Turkey v. Russia"


Turkey has become a large pain in the ass and although they were never a very good ally they are now at a new low. Turkey was technically within their right but IMHO they would have been wise to have filed a complaint rather than shoot down the plane.


Bad link!


I’m afraid that there is no link. Stratfor sent it to Facebook, but the FB link did not go to the map.


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