25 Nov 2015

Pretty Nearly There

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A British 17-pounder round lodged in a block of armor from a Tiger I, which it failed to completely penetrate.

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While it may not have been fatal I bet the crew of the Tiger were incapacitated for awhile.


The headache alone’ll kill ya.


Many years ago a fellow worker asked for some help with her PDP 11 computer. I was a computer geek but PDP was not my knowledge base but the problem related to Fortran which was my specialty at the time. However this computer was connected to a ‘vault’ built from 11″ thick armor from a WW II battleship that had been scrapped. The vault was part of a testing system which was designed to measure radioactivity in living and inorganic things. For example if you had consumed a quantity of uranium 235 the doctors would use this test bed to determine if you were going to die, live for a few more years or be unphased by your diet choice. So I took advantage of the opportunity to be locked inside this vault and it was eerie. Dead silent and I could hear my heartbeat and breathing. It was pitch black but I could detect the presence of and distance to the walls by the slight sound of my breathing. 11″ of steel is pretty solid.


The person who caption the photo is in error.

That is not Pz.Kpfw. VIE armor plate from any section of vehicle. That is not UK 77mm AP shell.


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