03 Dec 2015

Daily News Calls Republicans Names, Insults Religion

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Editorialist Rich Schapiro and the New York Daily News this morning are insulting religious faith and calling Republicans who spoke of praying for victims of the terrorist shootings in San Bernardino, California “cowards.”

“God Isn’t Fixing This!” thunders the Daily News headline, obviously preferring to believe that the cult of the Leviathan state to which Mr. Schapiro bows down can do better via Gun Control. All we need to do is follow the example of democrats like Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley and support Gun Control, sacrificing the Second Amendment and American’s individual rights on the altar of Statism and we will receive safety and security in return.

People like Rich Schapiro cling passionately to their own twisted version of religion in which the State and the Rule of Experts and the Calculative Power of Human Reason are deemed totally omnipotent and beneficent, somehow managing to overlook the record their philosophy compiled in the last century of transforming civilization and the state into an abattoir resulting in the deaths of hundreds of millions, and also managing to overlook the fact that, only a few weeks ago, a much larger armed massacre took place in Paris, the capital of a country which has in place every element and detail of the gun control laws desired by the most hoplophobic of democrats. These kinds of people don’t even notice that the San Bernardino shootings occurred in California, one of the most gun-controlled states in the country.

There is more than a little irony in a bunch of metrosexual simps who disapprove of self-defense, who are afraid of the very sight of guns, who systematically delude themselves with fantasies of universal harmony and safety brought about by the unilateral disarmament of the peaceful and the law-abiding going around calling other people “cowards.”

Personally, if I had a laboratory need for a pure and authentic specimen of the coward, I feel certain that Rich Schapiro himself would function perfectly in the experiment.

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Must be nice to be so self-righteous to say Prayer doesn’t work. Looks like gun control in California, one of the STRONGEST in the USA doesn’t either. So you pick on prayer not not the lack of knowledge about mental-illness or if proven, radicals, who disobey our laws. And now you want to take away the rights of MILLIONS because our government and the media, yup imbeciles like you decide NOT to tell the truth. Once again, the needs of the <1% occupy the news headlines and morons like you back them up. So much for democracy with morons like you and bo (body odor) Obama fly off the handle with half thought out statements. You and your kind, irresponsible reporters (not journalist as you are not qualified as one) are the greatest threat to our national security. Keep up the terrible scare tactics to improve your ratings scumbag. I would venture to say you would not know the truth if if smacked you upside that gourd you call a brain.

T. Shaw

The day of the liberals is over.


Yeah, a clever hashtag from Michelle would be more appropriate.


This massacre had nothing to do with God or prayer.
It was obviously caused by global warming. Can’t you people understand this?


It’s true prayer alone won’t fix this. However, prayer and firearms in the hands of good men and women can.


The left is cocksure that if we all just give up enough of our rights that it will make us safer. After all France has very restrictive gun rights and look how safe they are. Of course the truth behind it all is that the left doesn’t want an armed populace. There is a shit storm coming and the elite and politicians need to seize power (for our own good don’tcha know) and it is very difficult for politicians to seize power when all the citizens are armed. This is not about making us safe or making sure bad people don’t get guns. This is preparing us for serfdom, pure and simple.


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