05 Dec 2015


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5 Feedbacks on "True"

T. Shaw

The comments section would be preferable to what Obama, Pelosi, Dodd, Frank, Reid, Hillary have done to us past seven years.


The Left dislikes Trump for the obvious reasons AND because he isn’t ruled or controlled by PC rules. The left controls the “compassionate” conservatives by calling them bigots and racists and keeping them apologizing. This won’t work on Trump and that scares them. The RINOs hate trump because he is actually serious when he says something. The RINOs will say the right things (usually) but of course once in office they do what RINOs do. But it is quite likely that if Trump is elected he will in fact follow through on things he has said he will do. And of course ALL politicians hate Trump because he isn’t bought and paid for. Every politicians allowed to get into national politics has already sold his soul. Trump hasn’t. That worries them. After all the whole purpose of getting into politics is to trade and sell favors so you cannot let an outsider into the game.

Steve Gregg

The problem with Trump is that he only knows how to build skyscrapers in Manhattan. Beyond that small slice of knowledge he is pig ignorant about everything, a billionaire barroom blowhard.


The problem with all of the other candidates for president is they are more of the same and yet lack the business knowledge that Trump has. The reason Trump is favored by so many people is not his skyscraper building skills but rather what he believes in and his passion for what he believes in.

For me this is astonishingly simple. Americans want a president who puts America first. We want someone who believes the presidents job is to protect the citizens and not to sell or give away the country at the behest of the UN. We want someone with the balls to actually do that not just make the claim in order to get votes. Does that sound like Jeb or Hillary or Bernie?

I think Jeb is a good person, honest and ‘reasonably’ capable of serving as president, but like most of the RINOs he is willing to sell off the country peacemeal without regard for the citizens and taxpayers.
Hillary is simply a pathological liar who wants to further her left wing agenda while stealing as much as she can.
Bernie is a far left wing idealogue who wants to create his own version of a communist nirvana for America.

These are the people our political parties have offered as candidates and they should be ashamed and we should send that message. What better way to send that message than to choose a total outsider?

T. Shaw

The problem with Obama is that he only knows how to organize sit-ins in Chicago. Beyond that small slice of bullshit he is pig ignorant about everything, a bilious bathroom blowhard.


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