10 Dec 2015

Chesty Puller Quotations



13 famous and salty quotations from the ultimate Marine, Chesty Puller.

(Commenting on the 22 Chinese divisions surrounding his First Marine Division. The First Marines successfully broke through Chinese lines and advanced south, destroying seven of the Chinese divisions in the process.)

“There are not enough Chinamen in the world to stop a fully armed Marine regiment from going wherever they want to go.”

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Never heard of Chesty before shipping for Boot Camp. After he was a fixed in my mind as a mythological figure – the gold standard of determination and bravery I was forevermore expected to live up to.

Lucius Quinctius

I had the distinct privilege of spending a September morning in 1969 with the General at his home in Saluda, Virginia. It was a memorable few hours, as was meeting Mrs. Puller, an extraordinary lady.

Dan Kurt

During that Marine retreat during a cold winter in Korea the Marines found an entire Chinese Battalion positioned in place to block them FROZEN DEAD to the last man, all wearing summer uniforms and rubber shoes.

Dan Kurt


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