12 Dec 2015

Zachary Stone Deploys the Classic Liberal Urban Jewish Argument Against Gun Rights

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Zachary Stone

University of Texas senior and founder of UT Students Against Guns on Campus Zachary Stone, in the New York Times, deploys the classic liberal urban Jewish argument against Americans’ gun ownership rights: “I’m an incompetent idiot and a pussy, but the Constitution and the State of Texas actually allow me to have a gun! Obviously the rest of America is as effeminate, useless, cowardly, and lame as I am.”

[I]t was time to prove our shooting proficiency. We drove to a field with some silhouette targets lined up. “Standard B-27s,” the instructor told us.

“Load five bullets in the magazine!” the instructor shouted. My neighbors easily slipped five bullets into their magazines. I struggled with the Glock I’d rented from the store.

“Ready your weapon!” The others all put their magazines in their guns, pulled back the slides, and aimed. I put the magazine in the gun and then fumbled with the slide. Eventually, I got it. I looked at my neighbors to figure out how to hold the gun.


I shot. The gun flew back. My neighbors each hit the center, but I missed a foot too high.


I didn’t realize I’d have to shoot again so soon. I hadn’t taught myself how to aim yet, and I wanted a few seconds to learn from the first shot. I also hadn’t learned how to deal with the recoil. Anxiously, I pointed and shot — a few seconds after my neighbors. I still missed.

That’s when the instructor yelled at me. “You need to line up your sights!” I had no idea what that meant. He explained that for me to aim properly the dot at the front of the gun needed to be inside the post at the back of the gun.

That was remarkably useful information.


My next shot hit the center “X.”

After five shots, the instructor told us to remove our magazines. I tugged on the magazine. It didn’t move, so I pulled harder. I pulled as hard as I could, nervous to put so much force on a gun — empty or not.

I called out to the instructor. “My magazine’s stuck!”

“Show me. Try to pull it out. That really shouldn’t happen.”

I pulled on the magazine for the instructor. “You need to push the release,” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“The button.”

I pushed something.

“No. The button,” he said.

That did the trick.

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elsia berg

Thanks for writing this. I saves me the trouble of commenting elsewhere

T. Shaw

Who reads the New York Times?

T. Shaw

Worse than owning a gun, the jerk has the to vote. Little wonder the idiocracy approacheth.

elisa erg

Thanks for writing this. It saves me the trouble of commenting elsewhere

Steve Gregg

In the Air Force, virtually every officer candidate who went to the range with me qualified as a marksman. How is it that a UT Austin junior is so much less competent than them? If you can’t figure out how to fire a gun, which is pretty simple, how is it that you can make it to senior at UT Austin? Sounds like a degree from there is as easy as a mail-order degree.


Guess this moron shouldn’t be allowed to drive, since driving is dangerous and needs to be learned.

I am frightened by hipster liberals with guns too… | Batshit Crazy News

[…] am not sure I would trust Zachary with a fork… Zachary Stone: Founder of UT Students Against Guns On Campus I recognize that psychopaths with guns are scary, what stops them are good guys with guns… […]


The Constitution and laws of the US also allowed Barack Hussein Obama to become elected twice to the office of President of the United States, and this self-admitted incompetent could also become a candidate as soon as he fulfils the age requirement. That’s a hell of a lot greater danger than one fool with a firearm. He would incapacitate himself with it, or run away shrieking, before he could do anyone else much harm.

Guns: NYT - I'm a responsible Newspaper? Seriously? - iGeek


“Load five bullets into the magazine!”
Hmm, what was the instructor’s name? What happened when all five ‘bullets’ were fired? Did you fire one handed or two handed? What kind of Glock? What’s the name of the “store”, (store…WTF!) where you rented the Glock? What did the rental cost? At what distance were you (pretending) to shoot? Etc., etc.
What are you connections to the NY Times that they wanted to hear from you on things you know nothing about? Etc.


Color me cynical, but I don’t believe a word of this poltroonish gibberish.


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