16 Dec 2015

CNN GOP Debate Recap



PackerBronco commenting at Hot Air:

Jeb — Got his lunch money stolen again
Cruz — Tries to filibuster the debate, should have stuck to Dr. Seuss
Kasich — Tries to win the 10-year old girl vote by not being so mean
Christie — Praying for another 9-11
Fiorina — Being a secretary makes me ready to take on ISIS
Rubio — gives the I Have a Dream Act speech
Paul — Libertarian – liberated from reality
Carson — Moment of silence was his best moment, ruins it when he’s not silent
Trump — If he came to the debate stinkin’ drunk, would we notice?

Hat tip to Robert Laird.

2 Feedbacks on "CNN GOP Debate Recap"

T. Shaw

Everything that guy wrote is bullshit.

Get used to it. The evil left lacks self-awareness and is incapable of introspection.


Trump does not drink, you moron. We notice. And we vote. And there are more of us than there are of you. Welcome to 2016.


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