17 Dec 2015

Yale Students Sign Petition to Abolish First Amendment


6 Feedbacks on "Yale Students Sign Petition to Abolish First Amendment"


I doubt if most of today’s “students” could tell you what the first amendment actually says. And even fewer could articulate what the purpose of the constitution is in the first place.

T. Shaw

More proof you don’t need to have a brain . . .

Displaying genuine ignorance . . .

Americans’ God-given, unalienable rights are not susceptible to votes, polls, petitions or liberal lies (I repeat myself).


When this all plays out as it might, these children will scream like Banshees when their choices are limited or cease to exist.


I’m beginning to think that the student body of this “Yale” place consists of those who could not get into directional schools because of emotional issues.


It was nice of Harvard to prove that not all the loons are at Yale.

This is what happens when you create an Office of Diversity and Inclusion on campus. The employees must have tangible work products to justify their salaries and continued existence.


The diversity placemat from Harvard is a literal scream. $75K per year for an Obama transcript. Those rich parents got what they paid for.


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