07 Jan 2016

Before and After



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Make no mistake this isn’t about gun murders, gang violence or criminals. It is part of a century long effort by the far left to disarm the American public. They have passed 10,000 gun laws so if laws could prevent bad people from getting guns it would have already done so. So it is NOT about safety or lives lost. So ask yourself why now? There is clearly a big anti-gun push on by the far left so why now? I believe that our government knows the S–T is about to hit the fan. Our economy is a shell our government is bankrupt and we are staring another great depression in the eye. While at the same time China is taking over the Pacific, Russia is eyeing the Atlantic as he takes over the ME and half a dozen really nasty countries have joined the nuclear club. I think when the SHTF there will be a takeover of our country one way or another. But how do you do that if everyone is armed??? The answer: first registration then confiscation. It’s coming folks. Obama really is the Machurian candidate.

T. Shaw

Truth. These are steps to the ned game gun confiscation.

Nota bene, Muslim murderers kill 14 innocents and the reaction is to disarm American Christians.

It’s pure control.

When will they do background checks on Muslim refugees?


Over the last dozen years the gun homicide rate has fallen by 50%. Yet the anti-gun hysteria has increased several fold. Yes, I think there is something other than public safety at work here.

And to paraphrase H.L. Mencken, when they say it’s not about taking your guns away, you can be sure it’s about taking your guns away.

T. Shaw

It’s all distraction from the massive shit sandwich they have served up. All they got are higher taxes and gun irrationality. They sure as Hell can’t talk about higher taxes.


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