17 Jan 2016

Annoying Evangelizing



One Feedback on "Annoying Evangelizing"

sound awake

no thank you…

*i* learned everything *i* needed to know about islam on 9/11

the ft hood shooting wasnt an eye opener for me

neither was isis or boko haram

neither were the paris charlie hebdo or nightclub attacks

neither was the san bernardino attacks

islam has always been and will always be a religion that violates the basic human rights of half the people on the planet while it also doubles as a political ideology that is indistinguishable from nazism

to the extent that the world doesnt recognize that islam is a danger to the world the world does so at its own peril

whats past is prologue and those who choose not to learn from history are doomed to repeat it with deadly results

the next installment of the crusades are upon us now…the battle for europe is only part 1 of many in this installment

part 2 will be in america

if we continue to have the senior leadership then that we have now it will not end well

at some point the gloves have to come off and what needs to get has to get done

all reasonable rational people know what has to be done…we just have to do it

unfortunately our country hasnt be governed by a majority of reasonable rational people for decades and until that changes we will continue to see more of the same and even worse

our children and their children are going to have to pay for the mistakes of our generation and they will pay dearly

those who arent ready for whats coming will suffer the worst


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