25 Jan 2016

“Big Boy” the Funnel Web Spider Captured


“Big Boy,” a Funnel Web Spider with a 10 cm. (4 inch leg span)

Sydney, Australia is basically the centter of the natural range of the deadliest spider in the world, the Funnel Web Spider, Atrax robustus. Funnel Web Spiders additionally are aggressive, equipped with large fangs, and inclined to stand their ground when confronted. Death from Funnel Web bites was extraordinarily painful and was preceded by horrific symptoms. Death was certain before the creation of an anti-venom a generation ago.

Australia has so many deadly creatures that they have a poisonous varmint service which will come to your home and scoop up the lastest nasty, then carry him away to be used for anti-venom production.

A nice large Funnel Web, described as having “fangs dripping with venom, was recently encountered, totted off to the Reptile Park for milking, and christened “Big Boy.”

Daily Mail

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Ron Eddy

Please note that the leg span dimension should read … 10 cm (4 inch) …
The “9” was typed instead of an open (
I imagined that a 94 inch leg span would be worthy of a creature in a 1960s Japanese movie about an attack and panic in Tokyo.

Jeff Wood

I believe that all over the world, trainee airline pilots are taught “Never crash land in Australia. Everything wants to kill you.”


Thanks for the typo report.


The only thing I can think to make that worse would be if it could fly. Please tell me it can’t fly.


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