25 Jan 2016

Won’t Lose Any Votes

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T. Shaw

The new metaphorical definition of “irony” is a gaggle of lying, liberal atheists mindlessly chattering about Trump mislabeling St. Paul’s Second Epistle to the Corinthians.


Where does the Trump hate come from? I’m tired of it. If he really is a racist, xenophobe, bigot, or any of these other things the liberal blogosphere or mainstream Republicans accuse him of, let’s see the evidence.

Jacob's Step Stool

Interesting times….

sound awake

he may be silly and ignorant but hes got guts and at this point guts is enough


Blind fools. I see a liar. A fraud. An arrogant boy who will have a hard time consulting with his cabinet unless they all agree with him. A reality tv personality who entered the race to gain power using the art of how to increase ratings. A boy stuck in high school who points out the physical shortcomings of his opponents when he has been challenged instead of defending substantive differences of opinion. Is that a leader?

And across the country I see men in their golden years, men who I thought would know better, salivating over every word that he grunts. Men who come home from work and sit at their computers. They yell at politicians through facebook instead of participating in their communities and pouring energy into their wives. Do these men admire leadership? Do they know what it looks like?

I cringe when people mistaken Trump’s arrogance for guts. What good is it to have the “guts” to tear something down (which actually takes little) if you don’t have the knowledge and selflessness it takes to put it back together correctly? “Guts” isn’t enough, I’m afraid. We are fools if we elect a boy like Donald Trump to rule the free world.

I am a conservative woman saddened that Mr. Trump may represent the Republican party all because of desperation and fear. I thought men were supposed to be the brave ones. We just endured eight terrible years so that this loser could get the nomination? Man up and pick a true conservative leader or you might as well vote for a Democrat.

Steven Wilson

I won’t vote for him in a primary or say a good word about him–until the general election–and then I’ll crawl through broken glass to vote for him.

Curiously, if as it seems he’s going to be the nominee, the only thing truly conservative about him will be that he’s (marginally) the most conservative democrat running.


Thank you for your condensation Caroline-from know not all Trump haters, we expect no less.


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