26 Jan 2016

“The Republic is Dead… Time For the Empire.”

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Glenn Reynolds examines the entrails of the sacrifices and finds the omens alarming and disturbing.

According to a recent Associated Press poll, the public lacks confidence in government. And by “lacks confidence,” I mean “really lacks confidence.” Specifically, “More than 6 in 10 respondents expressed only slight confidence — or none at all — that the federal government can make progress on the problems facing the nation in 2016.” …

A much-hyped YouGov poll from last fall found that 29% of Americans could imagine supporting a military coup. That poll probably overstated popular support — it didn’t ask if people favored a coup right now, just whether they could imagine supporting one, including in the instance of the government violating the Constitution — but there was also this, as Newser reported: “Some 71% said military officers put the interests of the country ahead of their own interests, while just 12% thought the same about members of Congress. “

A democracy that gives rise to those sorts of sentiments is a democracy that’s in trouble. And America’s political class, which is used to operating in a world where there’s lots of room to get things wrong, needs to up its game before things get worse.

I must admit: I’m part of that 29%.

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I want smaller government, fewer regulations and a return to the constitution and the law. I am not a supporter of a military coup. However I do see a very real possibility that in the future our government will become so dysfunctional and/or international crisises will be so serious and full collapse eminent that a military coup would be preferable to doing nothing. But what I suspect will happen instead is little to no effective action and what ever action does take place it will be too little and too late. I believe we will fall/fail due to inaction.


A military coup typically doesn’t alter what’s fundamentally wrong with a powerful government. It just changes the players who game it. Government is inherently corrupt and inefficient, so the more it tries to do, the more obvious will be its failures. The only solution is for government to do less, and there are too many interests at work to fight that.

Dan Kurt

There seems to be a built in expiratory date to empires/national governments which is circa 200 years. Google John Glubb’s “Fate of Empires.”

Johnson’s immigration “reforms” and “war on poverty” each enacted in the mid 1960s sealed America’s fate.

If not Trump, another Caesar will appear soon to complete the devolution of what once was a free republic.

Dan Kurt


I’m not so sure about the officers putting “the interests of the country ahead of their own interests”. There’s a whole bunch of butt kissers right now carrying out orders from on high that have done much to undermine the military. Napoleon once said that a good officer should resign instead of putting his men in harm’s way. I don’t see many of those types running around the Pentagon.

T. Shaw

Boligat is correct.

My hope is that the military will stand down when the socialists finally revoke the Constitution and declare martial law.

Hundreds of high-ranking officers; and thousands of junior officers resigned/retired b/c they couldn’t handle the near-suicidal ROE, liberal BS and Obama and his lackeys’ micromanagement.

Now, most (not all) lifer officers are ladder-climbing careerists and lickspittles, who could not possibly give a less of a shit about their troops or the mission.

In any case, when the shit hits the fan, mine will be one of the rifles behind every blade of grass. Live free or die.


I would like to have confidence in the military, One cannot dismiss the corrosive effects of Obama’s nonstop purge of the general staff, the removal from the military of leaders with gumption and some remembrance of what “all enemies, foreign and domestic” means vis a vis the Constitution. I would like to be wrong, but fear I am not.


I have confidence in our Marines only. Clinton and Obama have gutted the rest.


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