02 Feb 2016

Trump Schlonged in Iowa

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Ed Straker, at American Thinker, analyses exactly why Donald Trump got schlonged in Iowa.

Donald Trump does everything in a big way. Even losing. Not only did he lose to Ted Cruz in Iowa, but he came very close to a humiliating third place behind Marco Rubio. As recently as yesterday, Donald Trump was saying he wanted to win in Iowa, and if he didn’t, that it would all have been a big waste of time.

    “Unless I win, I would consider this a big, fat, beautiful – and, by the way, a very expensive – waste of time,” Trump said this weekend, speaking to supporters during a whirlwind tour of Iowa.

Well, I guess it was a big waste of time, then. …

Laziness. Donald Trump was too lazy to campaign the traditional way, avoiding bus tours, small towns, and one-on-one meetings with voters. Instead, he flew in on Trump Force One, spoke for an hour, and then flew home to his bed in New York. He felt he didn’t have to follow the traditional rules of campaigning because he is Donald Trump. In a state where personal contact with the candidate is expected, Trump was wrong.

Not only was Trump lazy, but his supporters were lazy, perhaps taking a cue from their idol. On websites they would yell in all caps, “TRUMP WILL WIN! TRUMP WILL WIN!,” but they were so busy jamming down their caps lock keys that many of them didn’t even bother to vote.

It was said that a record turnout would guarantee a Trump victory. There was a record turnout, all right, but it was a record turnout for Ted Cruz.

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Even Jesus campaigned the traditional way.

sound awake

cruz is accused of dirty tricks by ben carson and is now apologizing

cruz was telling people carson was dropping out

think about it…if youre a carson guy and hes gone…whos getting your vote…rubio…no…trump…no…

youre gonna vote for cruz

maybe just maybe trump would have won

whats for sure is reagan skipped iowa and won the whole thing

what also is for sure is huckabee won iowa in 2008 and santorum won iowa in 2012 and neither of them got the nomination


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