11 Feb 2016

New Hampshire Delegates

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Lazarus Long

Bernie got “collectivized”. Sucks, don’t it?

sound awake

from each according to his ability to each according to his needs…

irony can be pretty ironic sometimes

bob sykes

Up until the 70’s, most delegates to the national conventions were appointed by the state party leaders. Only a few states had primaries. California is the most notable, and they had a winner take all system.

Because of this method of delegate selection, candidates frequently got to the convention without a majority, and conventions were brokered. This was great entertainment, as any old enough to remember James Daley shouting at the podium will attest.

The advantage of the brokered system is that the final candidates were well-known seasoned politicians with track records.

During the 70’s and after, most states switched to primaries. This led to concerns that a fringe candidate could capture the nomination by stealth a la McGovern. So the parties reformed the process by adding super delegates. These are established politicians who are supposed to moderate the conventions and their choices.

What is happening in the Democrat Party is the reformed primary process. Clinton is benefiting because the process is working as it was designed to do. The Republican Party apparently has fewer super delegates, and they haven’t been able to shut down Trump and Cruz.

All in all, the pre-primary system of old produced much better Presidents than the modern primary system does: FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, LBJ vs. Carter, Clinton, Bush II, Obama. Do you seriously want President Sanders?

Anyway, as I said, the entertainment value of a brokered convention is enormous. Let’s hope we get two!


Excellent comment, Bob.


I do not care how the parties choose their candidates, but taxpayer money should not be used in the process. If the parties want the states to pay for their primary elections, then the voters should be able to vote for the candidates they want from ALL the parties participating in that primary. I generally vote Republican but I should also have a say in the Democrat race, the Libertarian race and every other party race. If the Dems don’t want me to have a say picking their candidate, then they should pay for their own election.


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