29 Feb 2016

Demos Likes Trump

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Paul Kengor sums up the embarrassing spectacle which has constituted the Republican Presidential Nomination Campaign thus far

The whole thing is depressing. Consider, Rubio and Cruz, the two genuine conservative front-runners, are the hardworking sons of extraordinary immigrants from Cuba. They are quintessential American success stories. They are both solid Christian family men. And into the race comes a sudden self-proclaimed born-again conservative who laughs at them and eviscerates them, and is rewarded for it. It’s hard to watch.

All of which brings me back to Trump’s mastery of an altogether new campaign tactic of non-stop rapacious ridicule of opponents within one’s own party. The New Jersey casino founder brashly accused Ted Cruz of everything from being a closet Canadian citizen to cheating when the Donald lost Iowa. Schoolboy-like, Trump threatened lawsuits. Of late, he jumps in the sandbox and taunts Marco Rubio: “choker, choker!”

Can you imagine Ronald Reagan doing this? Reagan’s “11th commandment” was never to speak ill of another Republican. Donald Trump’s commandment is to speak ill of every Republican.

Do Republicans want this as the party’s new face and standard-bearer? Apparently those on the Trump side do. Many of them even assume the insult-king’s persona, dealing with dissenters with similar levels of obnoxiousness, blow-torching Republicans in the way of their Donald.

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More proof that the GOP elite are cloistered. They don’t get it. It’s been spelled out and yelled out to them and they still are clueless. The problem is that when conservatives in the Republican party Gave the GOP the majority in the house and then the majority in the senate the GOP simply did nothing they had promised and worse went to war against the conservatives in the party.

Rubio is ‘conservative’ on most issues but everyone with two or more brain cells knows as soon as he gets the presidency he will grant amnesty to the illegals and open the borders. Unacceptable!

Cruz is a principled conservative who would make a good president but the GOPe are fighting him tooth and nail.

If the GOP was smart they would learn from this. The country doesn’t want open borders they want illegals sent homme, they want border security. But the GOP is not smart…


Kengor’s Republican Party Establishment Donor Class has bamboozled the Conservative movement for the last time, and you geniuses brought this destruction on yourselves.
And his name is Trump.
You asked for our votes in ’10 to face Barrack down about ObamaCare, and did nothing. You declared you needed the Senate to go Republican, too, along with the House, in order to really challenge Obama’s policies of destruction and get things done.
You did bupkis.
You got the House and the Senate and haven’t done a f@cking thing to challenge the worst president this country has ever suffered through. Executive Amnesty?? You did nothing.
Even Obama was amazed at the recent Budget you morons signed off on.
Your going down, all of you faux Republican-Light Establishment class pros, all of you.

Sunk by a guy from Queens.

You can’t make this shit up.


GWTW and Scullman are exactly correct. I am embarrassed for the US that Trump has gotten as far as he has, but as I no longer consider myself to be a Republican, at least I don’t have to be personally embarrassed for them… idiots.

For whatever it’s worth, I still think Trump is a national version of Akin/McCaskill. He’s a dem trojan horse.

At this point, it appears that the only way I can do my part to keep Hillary out of the White House is to vote for Sanders.

bob sykes

There are only two issues: trade and immigration. Trump is on the right side of both, and every other candidate in both parties is on the wrong side of both.


Except that trade and immigration are NOT the top issues for voters.


Excerpted from today’s WSJ:

Since last June, YouGov has been surveying the same roughly 3,000 people across America each month. In YouGov’s February survey, 33% were Democrats, 28% were Republicans and 30% were independents, with more than 70% of respondents saying they are registered to vote. In December, January and February, respondents were shown a list of the candidates in both parties and asked which they would or wouldn’t consider voting for. The no-chance percentage has increased for each of the six Republican candidates still in the race. The I’d-never-vote-for-Trump percentage increased to 55% from 51%. The anti-Rubio percentage rose to 39% from 35%. Those who wouldn’t consider voting for Ted Cruz increased to 46% from 41%; John Kasich’s number jumped to 44% from 33% and Ben Carson’s to 47% from 39%.

By contrast, Bernie Sanders’s wouldn’t-vote-for-him tally has stayed at a steady 38% for the past three months. Hillary Clinton has more people writing her off—the no-way response for her stands at 47%, but that is down from 48%. In short, Democrats are having a vigorous campaign that, so far, hasn’t undermined their candidates’ chances in the fall. Meanwhile, Republicans have been destroying each other.

Nasty, protracted primary fights have a history of hurting Republicans for the general election. The 1996, 2008 and 2012 Republican primaries featured months of Republicans attacking each other with ad barrages.


Trump is the avenger. The champion of every person without a fancy degree. Those who don’t work in nice clean offices, and are looked at by the Republican elites in this country as extras from “Deliverance”.

Tired of being lied to by Establishment Republican Senators and their advisors on Duke Street in Alexandria.

Tired of being used to advance their careers by promising what they’ll do, if elected, to stop eight years of Obama’s plans to ruin OUR country.

(If they actually did what they promised to do during election season, and it didn’t work out, they might (gasp) jeopardize their political careers.)

God forbid.

You’ve drastically underestimated the vast majority of silent, frustrated, pissed-off, Republican/Conservative White working-class, non-college degree, American males and their families, for the last time.

Yes, the demographics are-a-changing. And yes, eventually, we will be a nation of predominantly Hispanic and people of all color.

But not quite yet.

And now you are about to witness the largest wave of citizen anger at the political elites in the Republican Party, ever launched in this country’s history.

There is no high ground to escape to, no Ark, and trust me, a lifelong Republican voter since my first vote in ’68, we don’t give a shit if the whole thing is blown up.


> we don’t give a shit if the whole thing is blown up.

Well, when you looney tunes elect Trumplestiltskin and that imbecile imposes a new Smoot-Hawley Tariff by presidential edict, you may think that today’s US-Economy-in-the-Toilet was the Good Old Days. Alternatively, you may very well just divide the Republican vote and elect Hillary. But, what the hell? let’s roll the dice and blow the whole thing up.


You’re fear of what’s happening is laughable, JDZ

Why don’t you just write in Moochelle for President and relax.


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