02 Mar 2016

“Let It Burn!”

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Christopher Taylor has pessimistic things to say about America’s politics. He thinks a nation with a culture like ours can only have the kind of national leadership we have.

Who wins what office makes no difference. Until the nation undergoes a tremendous shift at the basic, cultural level, elections will only pour more of the same on this country and every new election makes matters worse. And that cultural shift takes time, not elections.

We’re at a point in this nation where the Supreme Court has been stuffed with a near-majority of members for whom the constitution is simply a set of words they can use to lever in anything the latest progressive positions hold. When a court has even a few judges who are utterly disinterested in constitution, wisdom, reason, justice, or sanity, that court ceases to have any validity whatseover. It has been corrupted to the point of being useless.
Arguments we have to get the right sort of politician in this position or that for The Judges ignores the utter destruction of the constitution and nation that has already been wrought by a supposed judicially sensible majority. After the utter abortion that was the Kelo vs New London decision, the court followed up with several horrendously decided trash cases which demonstrated that they cannot be trusted with power no matter who they are or what they claim about law.

Will a supreme court justice picked by a corrupt, horrible hag like Hillary Clinton be much worse than even a lying bozo like Donald Trump? Yes. But the bad is not a question of ruining the nation, its a question of how fast and in what direction. Its going that way anyway, its just a matter of how swiftly. …

There’s a phrase some use to describe this attitude: “let it burn.” Some misunderstand this as a call to destroy the nation. But its not. Its a call to step back and give up the fight because its going down either way. For years now I’ve been telling everyone to focus locally, on family, neighbors, local politics. Your home, your area, your town. Because the federal government is a write-off. There is no fixing it through any elections.
That’s what Let It Burn means; not “revolution!!!” but rather “its already burning and the firefighters know it won’t be saved.” Let it Burn recognizes that its already on fire. We’re past the point of preventing it. We cannot save this Republic, until we get past the hard times ahead and begin the slow, painful process of rebuilding.

I’m sorry. I don’t like it either. but that doesn’t make it any less true. And recognizing this doesn’t make me a crazy old man. Just a sad one.

    “Posterity–you will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it.”

    -John Quincy Adams

Sorry, John. We didn’t. We gave it a pretty good run for a while, but its over.

Hat tip to Bird Dog and Vanderleun.

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Economically, we are already past the point of no return. We have adopted the same no/slow growth policies that have kept Europe stagnating for decades. No matter how much convoluted reasoning you apply, it boils down to some very simple math. Government produces nothing of economic value*. Value creation occurs only in the private sector. The more government diverts resources from the private sector, the slower will be economic growth. And the cycle becomes vicious as government decides it needs more and more resources to support its popular, but economically non-productive activities. I don’t see either party having the guts (or the backing) to address this problem in a fundamental way until the smoldering pile bursts into flame. It is possible that technology advances will allow us to warehouse even more millions of people who can’t or don’t want to do productive work, but I find that doubtful and, in any case, highly depressing.

*In reality government produces less than nothing. For each dollar of revenue it extracts via income taxes it imposes a burden of 20+ cents in compliance costs (things like the IRS, tax lawyers, accountants, your time filling out forms, bureaucrats to supervise other bureaucrats). So it must rob Peter of $1.20, in order to give Paul a dollar.


“America won’t change politically until it first changes philosophically” (read: culturally) Ayn Rand


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