02 Mar 2016

We Are Screwed

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Detail, John Melhuish Strudwick, A Golden Thread, 1885, Tate Gallery.

This ought to be a locked-in-concrete, dead-certain Republican year. America has a two party system, and Americans have an instinctive habit of giving both sides a turn at the presidency. Unless the incumbent walks on water like Ronald Reagan, after 8 years, the American public is hankering for a change and typically turns the ball over to the other team.

Beyond that, running against Hillary is a lot like running against the mean old woman of every Blues song, who moreover seems likely any day to be indicted.

But, along comes Trumplestiltskin.

In Scenario 1, Trump wins nearly all the rest of the primaries. The GOP caves and gives him the rest of the votes he needs for the nomination, and then the Party splits. Movement conservatives, the people who nominated Barry Goldwater and elected Ronald Reagan, and the intellectuals (very possibly including the Neocons), conceivably including socially-moderate, but snobbish, Country Club Republicans take a hike. In significant sectors of the Party, voting for The Donald is just infra dig, and some contend that even Hillary would make a more responsible first magistrate. Trump loses, Hillary becomes President.

Scenario 2, Trump has a ceiling, getting a plurality of delegates on the first ballot, but no majority. Conservatives and GOP Establishmentarians will die in the last ditch before nominating Donald. The knives come out. Trump delegates are pulled away on subsequent ballots, and a brokered convention nominates Cruz or Rubio. Donald J. Trump is no sportsman. He immediately forms a Third Party, and in the election proceeds to pull all the numbskulls and Reagan democrats away from the GOP candidate. Hillary becomes President.

There is no scenario 3.

The Trumpkins are going to say: This isn’t fair. We’re having a Revolution, and the rest of you are supposed to get on board. Donald Trump is our only hope of Change. Change you can believe in. And the rest of us, the sane people, are going to make little circle next to our temples with our index fingers at the idea of turning all the power of the Presidency over to a totally-unprincipled, egomanaical airhead with the morals and manners of the most spoiled rich kid in the entire country. Some of us actually know what happened when they made Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, nicknamed “Caligula” (“Little Boots”) by the Army, Emperor. It was not pretty.

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Dan Kurt

Trump was presaged by the Fate of Eric Ivan Cantor in 2014–his championing the non-White immigration flood. The Repubs are as bad if not worse than the Dems on the subject as Brown and Black Immigration both illegal and legal is palpably changing the fabric of the USA and assures an eclipse of the Republicans. People are seeing Trump as the only candidate who MIGHT stem the demographic change.

Dan Kurt


What part of this milk-toast disaster you call the Republican Party and it’s failed agenda for the last twenty years don’t you get? We, the godamn voters who pay for their f@cking lifestyle so they can live in the Imperial City (and hopefully never have to come back out here into this shit-ass private sector that they’ve provided for us) WE gave THEM the House and the Senate to do one f@cking thing in 2010 and 2014. Not ten things or five or one hundred things. Just one thing.

And they screwed the f@cking pooch.

They wouldn’t or couldn’t face down the rankes, amateur political hack, no talent pussy this country has ever had the misfortune to be saddled with as a president. Not over Obamacare, Not over the Budget, Not over Keystone Pipeline, Not over Fast and Furious, the list is long and we have had it up to our ears with this crap.
And what? They turn around and seriously think Jeb Bush and his donor class millions was the answer? Is that your answer to what has gone on in this country for decades? Are you out of your f@cking mind?
(Oh, wait. Jeb, Marco,Ted, John, none of these professional bullshit artists who’ve never done a f@cking thing in their lives( with the exception of Cruz who actually worked for a living clerking at the Supremes) except stand in front of us from podiums, and platforms, and stages, and artfully explain how they are “just like us” and “know what we go through” and anything they can possibly conjure up to get a vote to complete their dreams of political power…THEY’RE not f@cking egomaniacs, huh? Oh, I get it it. It’s just Trump, right?)
You don’t get it. We’re done with the Royal Bush Family. If Jeb’s last name were Branch instead of Bush, he’d have never had to get off the golf course in Florida and embarrass himself the way he did.

The only thing “locked in concrete” here is the final dismembering of a political party that has lost its way and lied to it’s base for the last time, and you can take that to the bank, dude.


Scullman pretty well sums it up for me, I couldn’t have said it better.


Scullman nails it!
The navel gazing, the hubris of the GOP establishment is amazing and tragic. Yet, not surprising. They have consistently delivered garbage. You had one job and you squandered it. Now people are voting, not for Trump so much, but against the GOPe and their pablum of fail.


The generals are so fat and inept and corrupt. We’ll show them by installing someone who will lose the war!

Steve Gregg

Republican Party, you had one job. ONE JOB! This was a layup election against a team of Democratic midgets. We put a freaking ladder next to the hoop for you to climb so that you could not possibly miss. And you blew it by letting Trump steal the ball, make up a whole new game with rules he makes up on the fly to suit himself. Republican Party, YOU’RE FIRED!


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