17 Mar 2016

Don’t Be Shy, Daniel, Tell Us How You Really Feel

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Daniel Hannan is the British representative to the EU Parliament who is notorious for saying intelligent and true things. He is naturally appalled that so many Americans have lost their marbles recently.

Shall I tell you the most depressing thing? It’s not that the party of Lincoln and Reagan will be fronted by a self-absorbed, foul-mouthed, thin-skinned, bullying, mendacious, meretricious, mountainous berk. It’s not the reputational damage that our most important ally will suffer in consequence: if I were Mexico, I’d be glad to pay for a sodding wall to keep Trump out. It’s not the prospect of another sleekit Clinton using Supreme Court appointments to ensure a full generation of left-wing judicial activism.

No, sadder than any of these things is what the rise of the Donald says about democracy. …

Ah, America. You deserve better. And we expect better.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Roger Kimball.

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Yeah, gravity sucks.


“America is being diminished in the eyes of her allies”.
He could’ve made that assessment at any point in the last seven and a half years. It’s exactly that, and the abject failure to stand up and do anything about this Community Organizing narcissist that we’ve suffered with in the Oval Office, his policies foreign and domestic, his bitter, condescending nature with anyone who disagrees with “His Holiness”, and a list as long and as winded, as this other professional, puffing, political yacker from the U.K. and Brussels, that the House and Senate Republicans can now lay this entire stinking mess at their own feet.

Maybe they’ll learn something about bullshitting their base.

Probably not.


If I may defend The Donald just a bit (and PLEASE don’t construe this as support for his candidacy), he has discerned that the traditional methods of campaigns don’t work well for Republicans. In a post-literate society, having a majority of the population concur with you on issues (limited government, federal health care, government spending and debt, etc.) is not a guarantee of election. In a world where your communication is heavily filtered by the agendas of the media, the only sure way to break through is to constantly be “news”. The Kardashians may not be especially admired, but they are news.

The Donald is trying a different approach. If you appear on television in your underwear, the press is not going to spend a lot of time arguing with your stance on government spending, and the public is left with turning thumbs up or thumbs down on your wardrobe choice. I happen to think they’ll turn thumbs down in a big way when the presidency is really on the line, but one must be reminded of H.L. Mencken’s quip here.

Millie Woods

I thought Hannan had more sense than that. I guess living in the land of yobs and Muslim rape gangs does something to a man.


He loses all credence by not having come forward when Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton were running. Both of these men were arguably far worse than Trump. Does he live in a monastery and is unaware of how much of our democracy we have lost since Lincoln. Suddenly now he thinks Trump is at fault for this? Has he noticed the death wish of the GOPe who would rather lose this election and hold onto their power within the GOP than allow an outsider to infringe on their private club? The problem is NOT Trump and if all those who oppose him somehow win and Hillary is elected our problem and the Republicans problem will still be there. This arrogant bastard from England should wake up and look around, his own country in on fire and will self immolate while he does nothing useful except to criticize us.

sound awake

yeah…trump and his people are the crazy ones:

ISIS or GOP? Jeb Bush PAC Kept ‘Box of Severed Trump Heads’ in Office

Kristinn Taylor Mar 18th, 2016 10:42 am 71 Comments

The Right to Rise PAC that raised and spent over $100 million in a failed effort to secure the Republican presidential nomination for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush kept a box of severed Donald Trump heads from pinatas in the PAC’s Los Angeles office, according to a a lengthy post-mortem report in The Weekly Standard.



I am not a supporter of Trump for president, I am hoping that somehow Cruz gets the nomination and somehow wins. But I am concerned for the country and I honestly do not think many in the GOP are equally concerned for the country. I think they are enjoying the spoils of their positions and hope to become rich and if the country goes to hell in a handbasket they probably will move to Ireland until things get better. I have little to no confidence in the Republicans and I fear the Democrats. That is the Republicans are merely incompetent and arrogant but I suspect the Democrats mean to do us harm. Trump is the wakeup call, a slap in the face, a modern day Paul Revere, the early warning, the shot heard around the world. He isn’t George Washington but right now we need him. I truly hope there is a George Washington who will rise to the occasion and it may well be Ted Cruz.


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