28 Mar 2016

Trump Clueless on Easter

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Daily Caller reports that Donald Trump is just a little shaky on the meaning and significance of the Easter holiday.

Donald Trump says Easter “represents family and get-together and — and something.”

Appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” on Easter Sunday, Trump was asked what Easter means to him and if he had an Easter tradition. The real estate mogul replied, “Well, it really means something very special. I’m going to church in an hour from now and it’s going to be — it’s a beautiful church. I’m in Florida.”

“And it’s just a very special time for me. And it really represents family and get-together and — and something, you know, if you’re a — a Christian, it’s just a very important day,” Trump said.

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Hey Genius,

On Christmas Day this year in Kailua, Hawaii (a somewhat significant day for most Christians) our Christian-in-Chief President was way to busy to take an hour from vacation and find his way into a church.

Yesterday he observed Easter from the golf course.

Where’s your cartoon on that asshole?


I did not nominate, support, or vote for Barack Obama. It was the same kind of dimbulb low-information voters that are supporting Donald Trump who elected Obama, on exactly the same basis. Just like Donald Trump, Barack Obama ran as a celebrity candidate, campaigning with vacuous slogans, allowing them to project their own dreams and fantasies on the empty screen he provided.


And Ted Cruz is the real deal.
Got it.


Cruz is a real Republican and a real conservative. He went to Princeton and Harvard Law, and he argued the Heller case and won. He is a qualified and respectable conservative presidential candidate. Trump is an idiot, a demagogue, and a clown.


Cruz is a Bushite, Globalist, One-World fraud, who’s wife was a Condi Rice advisor, Council of Foreign Relations cheerleader, and had no issue with a North American Government model plan made up of Canada/Mex/USA. That’s the real Cruz family.
Exactly the Royal-Bush pattern we are completely done with, or haven’t you figured that out from the primary results so far?
When his extra marital affairs are finally admitted, and blow his Pentecostal candidacy out of the water, I’m sure you’ll be shilling for Clinton next.


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