30 Mar 2016

Is Anyone Surprised?

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Politico reports that Donald Trump, recognizing that he may well fail to win a majority in the first ballot at the GOP Convention, is welshing on his pledge to support the eventual nominee.

Donald Trump has rescinded his pledge to support the Republican nominee for president.

Asked during a CNN town hall whether he stood by the earlier pledge — which he signed in September after meeting with party chairman Reince Priebus — Trump said: “No, I don’t.”

“We’ll see who it is,” he told moderator Anderson Cooper.

Trump said he had been treated “unfairly” by the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment. He said he was unsure whether the Republican establishment was plotting to take the nomination away from him during the convention in Cleveland.

They have the wrong guy heading the Republican National Committee. If it were I, instead of Reince Priebus, I’d be holding a press conference this morning, announcing that Donald Trump, having repudiated his own affiliation to the Republican Party, is now ineligible to compete in any subsequent GOP primaries. And I would then just sit back and watch how Trump would like that!

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Now for the rest of the story. Early in the campaign, when he wasn’t polling very high, Trump was asked if he would support the R nominee. A big to do ensued in which it was nearly demanded that he answer the question. Several days after originally asked, he answered in the affirmative.
Fast forward several months. Now Trump has been doing gang busters, it became an issue if they would support Trump as the R nominee. They squirmed but did answer ‘yes’. Currently we have all the other candidates who recanted and reneged on their previous pledge. The RNC is up to dirty tricks. I am disheartened when someone does not keep their word but the other candidates and the RNC have preceded Trump in that respect.


That would assure Hillary’s election. The RNC is for the most part run by fools and cronies but certainly they are smart enough to realize if they simply decree that the leading vote getter will be thrown under the bus that the base will revolt. I do honestly believe that some version of that scenario will in fact happen and not only will we lose the election but we will probably destroy the Republican party. So often dramatic far reaching long term negative consequences result from a single event. I think we are face to face with exactly that.

Here is where I think the GOPe and others have made their fatal mistake. They want Trump gone, I understand that. They want to cut his support out from under him and are using a tried and true tactic of constant attack, lies and innuendo. Worked many times before and may work again. But this time perhaps 30-50 million voters want Trump and they not only simply want Trump but they are very unhappy with the GOP. If the GOPe (and liberals) succeeds in pushing Trump out these voters will either vote against the GOP or simply not vote. There is little to no middle ground like there has been in the past. So be it a result of dirty tricks or a convention coup if Trump is “taken out” the GOP will lose.

Since I do believe that is exactly what will happen I have a suggest/advice for the many disaffected voters: VOTE! If you choose to not vote for president so be it but VOTE. Vote out the Rinos in congress that are up for reelection. If they take away your presidential vote than send a message and vote out Republican congressmen. I would prefer to vote IN a conservative but either way vote out the incumbent. If the GOPe is convinced they want to commit suicide at least lets make sure they succeed.


Those who shrug when Trump reneges on his “pledge” should be prepared to shrug when a President Trump can’t get Mexico to pay for his yuge wall, can’t impose 45% tariffs on Chinese goods, can’t ban all Muslims from entering the country, can’t deport 10MM illegals aliens and a whole host of other fantastical promises he’s made.


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