03 Apr 2016

Johnny Carson, The Donald, and a Vicuna Coat

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Vicuna coat

Trumpkins have recently been much praising Trumplestiltskin for his sticking by Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager who is currently beset by (apparently false) battery accusations.

All this caused another anecdote to surface, proving that, if Donald stands by innocent employees now, he was not always that way.


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Chapter 27 in the annals of “I hate Trump, and I will dig ever deeper to find trivial anecdotes that besmirch his character.”

Get a life.


Trump has now fully colonized you mind. You really need to take a deep breath and join a commune.

This is starting to make you page predictable and…. sigh… boring.



“The essential Trump soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

bob sykes

Unfortunately, Trump is the sanest candidate in the race, the only one with rational views on immigration, trade and defense.

I will take the rest of his antics for his positions on those three issues.


I guess if your definition of sanity includes expectations that you can deport 10MM+ people, impose 45% tariffs and eliminate $19 Trillion in debt in 8 years, then Trump would be your candidate.


But you CAN deport 10M people; there’s nothing novel about that, no invention required, we have the technology AND the personnel necessary to do this. It just requires the will to do it.


1) Since Trump constantly contradicts himself, I doubt very much that you actually know what his policy positions would wind up being.

2) I think Trump has been right on wanting to close down Islamic entry to the US. Beyond that, there is a major negative public reaction to illegal immigration in recent decades. I don’t agree with it myself, but I expect that federal policy will inevitably accede to the will of the public at large. I would, however, like to see Republican leadership resisting Nativism, an irrational and discreditable impulse which is completely at odds with American history and the American ethos. I’d also like to see Republican leadership reconciling the GOP with Hispanic voters. On Defense, I think Trump’s suggestions concering withdrawing from NATO or trying to bill US allies for US defense spending are nutsy cuckoo.


Not hardly. Stoical guys don’t whine about press questions or opposition criticism. Neither do they rely on 3-grade-level insults. Trump is fat and flabby, not hard. He’s not a killer. He’s merely a bigmouth and a bully, and therefore obviously a coward as all bullies are.


Chill, Gerard. Yesterday was Sunday, and I had company. It was inevitably a low-energy blogging day. I had two items on hand that I found the previous evening. The very amusing “Trump & Pink Floyd” poster (which even Trumpkins ought to find witty) and that really excellent think-piece by Martin Gurri (which I strongly recommend. If you read the whole thing, I tend to think that you too will quote it and link it). Then, in the morning, I came upon the tweet leading to the “Johnny-Carson’s-vicuna-coat” story. I thought that was of definite general interest, and I figured I better post it ASAP while it was fresh. Three Trump postings in a row was just happenstance.



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