15 Apr 2016

Rush Explains the Rise of Trump

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The 30+% of the Republican base’s enthusiasm for Donald Trump is, by any standard, an extraordinary national political development. A lot of people have tried to explain what’s going on here. Rush Limbaugh, who is always an intelligent commentator, I think, yesterday did a better job than most.

I’ll just tell you, the ones I know who are for Trump, some of them are reluctantly for Trump. Some of them are adamantly for Trump. … The first reason — and not in any priority here — but they just have had it with the Republican Party, call it the establishment or whatever. They just lost total confidence. The last seven years there has been no opposition to the things the Democrat Party has done that have wrought, tremendous, real, measurable, demonstrable damage and change, for the worse, to this country.

The cultural depravity that’s going on and being normalized is one thing. The economic destruction. There’s no economic growth. There can’t be. The government is taking all of the growth and absorbing it. It’s getting bigger. The private sector cannot create enough growth to keep up because it’s getting smaller and smaller, and 94 million Americans in it are not even working. So there is no GDP gain of any substance, and that is maddening. It is frustratrating. These people all have kids and grandkids. And government is not where fortunes are made. Well, see, if you’re Solyndra, if you’re GE, if you’re a corporation engaging in corporate cronyism with government, you can make a fortune, and even some individuals can do it.

But for the most part the way it’s always been done is the tried-and-true way defined as the American dream. That’s getting more and more limited as time goes on because the economy is shrinking because the government’s taking. This worries people tremendously. And it’s not, by the way, folks, it’s not that they think Trump — I want to be very clear about this — it’s not that they think Trump is eminently qualified.

They just have had it with these so-called experts trying to run everything and screwing everything up, from the economic system to the health care system to targeting private sector industries as the enemies of America, they’ve had it, they’re fed up with it. Not to mention immigration and what’s happening to the demographic makeup of the country. It’d be one thing if this were happening with controlled assimilation and the definitive American culture that there’s always been was being maintained and sponsored and grown. But it’s not. It’s being eroded, on purpose and by design. And the Republican Party’s not lifting a finger to stop it and, in fact, in many ways wants to join in it when it comes to immigration.

So they’re fed up. They’ve been told one too many times to hold their nose and vote for the lesser of two evils.

I’d say myself that no one expected George W. Bush to fritter away his own, the Republican Party’s, and the Conservative Movement’s national prestige and good name by taking far too long to win a decisive victory in the Middle East while sitting there passively and letting all his (and America’s) domestic adversaries make mincemeat of both his credibility and the American Cause. No one expected the democrats to successfully manufacture and run an international Pop Star for the presidency, and no one expected the bottom to drop out of the real estate and securities markets just over a month before the election. No one expected either that Barack Obama would intransigently insist on taking a couple of large steps toward European-style Socialism even at the cost of prolonging recession.

Everyone blames the GOP “Establishment” for failing to stop all of this, but everyone obviously fails to recognize that Republican senators and congressmen tend to be either idealistic theorists of political philosophy or down-home Rotarians and Elks. Democrats, OTOH, tend to be demoniacal revolutionary fanatics or mutant alien carnivorous life-forms bent on clawing their way to wealth and power at any cost. Republicans tend to behave honorably and respect customs, rules, and precedents. Democrats treat every significant contest as a no-holds-barred, total war, damn-everything-but-winning! struggle between the forces of Light and Eternal Darkness. They fight harder and much more professionally, uninhibited by honor, rules, consistency, or decency. It’s difficult for normal and decent people to behave the way they do, and we consequently tend to lose more often.

Everyone blaming the “Establishment” also fails to recognize that the democrats are backed up every inch of the way by the Iron Triangle of Academia, Media and Entertainment, and (generally) the Courts. If Republicans try fighting on the budget, the press will scream that those Republican bastards are shutting down the government, denying the veteran his healthcare, granny her Social Security check, and our children their vacation trip to Yosemite Park. If Republicans take some kind of stand against public recognition and celebration of perversion, they will be vilified as monsters of intolerance the length and breadth of the land by the liberal press, their teachers will turn their children against them, and –before very long– the courts will overturn anything they did.

The truth of the matter is that we have skilled and effective enemies with tremendous resources who are fully and totally in control of Academia; the high ground of fashion, culture, and communication; and commonly the Judicial System as well. When our Establishment has one house of Congress, and they have all that they have plus the Executive Branch in the hands of a determined and ethically-uninhibited adversary, we are not going to have a lot of power. Even adding the Senate but lacking a veto-proof majority in the upper house still leaves us in no position to do all the things those angry voters wish Republicans had done.

The anger is understandable, but it rests ultimately on the foundation of a lack of understanding, on low-information.

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After everything you said, you haven’t addressed what Rush begins with: “The last seven years there has been no opposition to the things the Democrat Party has done..”

Even Obama himself was baffled, at how the Republicans caved during the last budget fight. They’re a total embarrassment and deserve to be exposed as the losers they are.

Wanna’ chalk that up to low information voters, too?


It isn’t about “Trump” it is about what he represents to the 38%. I can’t help but believe that in Rome a couple millennia ago that there were those, perhaps 38% of the loyal opposition, who recognized that the wall and the gates protecting Rome from the visigoths and vandals. I am equally confident that there was a countervailing force who thought that Rome’s strength was it’s diversity and if we just increased taxes enough to pay all those “immigrants” they wouldn’t sack Rome. I also suspect that there was a fiddle or a golf game involved in this somewhere.


I agree with everything JDZ said and most of what Limbaugh says about How We Got Here. (Rush by the way thinks he’s omniscient but he’s not quite.) The question is what do we do now, today, so that government of, by and for the people does not perish from the earth, as it is in mortal danger of doing. I see dim glimmers of hope in the gains made in state legislatures, but the Iron Triangle is still strong. We need a unified long term onslaught planned by someone as committed and diabolical as Alinsky on our side. We need to fight daily and support people and groups who are making some inroads like David Horowitz, Star Parker, FIRE, and many others. We need to support alternatives to brick-and-mortar universities. We need to get smarter about social media. We need to shine sunlight on the cockroaches on the left whenever we can. Note what the HRC is able to do about such a non controversial issue as which genders use which restrooms, not because it’s popular, but because everybody in upper management and the boardrooms of every large public corporation in this country went to an Ivy League school, just like all the federal appellate court judges did. We have to copy their tactics in some ways and punch back twice as hard, as Glenn Reynolds says, when we can, but we always have to have the truth on our side, and we always have to remember that what we are trying to save is the ideal of this country as envisioned by the founding fathers. May God help us.


Democrats are also backed by the mindset of a majority of the American populace. People who, despite all the contrary evidence, desperately want to believe that the establishment (government) is both competent and genuinely acting in their interest. People who want to believe that they can consume more than they produce ad infinitum. People who believe that the price of their labor can and should be determined by consensus rather than by what it’s actually worth to an employer. People who believe that they have a “right” to things they want at other’s expense. People who want to believe that their misfortunes are the result of what “they” have done to us — the Chinese, immigrants, bankers, white people, the 1% — and that all that can be remedied by government action — tariffs, yuge walls, affirmative action, taxing The Rich. People who think government can and should protect them from all risks and that competition leads to unfair outcomes which must be adjusted by, yes, government.

You are correct that the Iron Triangle acts to reinforce this mentality, but they have an audience that is both naive and receptive to their message. That part is not likely to be be changed — especially by an insult-hurling candidate for President that two-thirds of the population abhors.

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Old Codger

Rush nailed it! Seven years of NO OPPOSITION by the so-called “conservative” Republicans! They begged for control of first, the House and they got it. Then begged for the Senate and they got that. So, what have they done? Jack Squat! Can’t run the risk of the New York Times or Wash. Post writing “bad things” about them or they might lose their invitations to all the right parties or a few thousand in donations to their re-election campaigns from the US C of Commerce! Gutless bastards is what they are.

I have no great love for Trump other than he does not care what the Media or Academe says about him and he enjoys giving them the finger when they attack him.

As Lincoln said about Grant, when it was demanded that Grant be relieved from command because of rumors he was a drunk: “I can’t spare this man. He fights!”


As you say, Republicans fear they will be vilified, that their kids will be turned against them.

So what good are Republicans if they cower in fear? Cowards die a thousand deaths.

If Republicans won’t fight. If “principled” Conservatives won’t stand

Then why not vote for Trump.

He doesn’t fear to stand, even though the “good” Republicans enter common cause with Progressives to vilify him?

He knows the only way to combat the school system turning the kids against him is to stand, to say in public what the Republicans fear to whisper when alone.

If the Republicans fear the fight, then someone without that fear will be found.


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