06 May 2016

Trump Is Running as a Fascist, Not a Republican

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There occurred a bizarre psychologically-inexplicable transference phenomenon by which voters distressed and made unhappy by the results of Barack Obama’s performance and leftist democrat policies, turned in fury on the opposition leadership, blaming it for supposedly being in cahoots with the enemy, and then ran off with an unprincipled, non-conservative celebrity clown with a lengthy record of supporting liberal democrats.

In the primary contests this year, there was little voter interest in returning to Republican pro-growth, pro-freedom, economic restoration policies. What the yobbo voter wanted, it turned out, was essentially Fascism: a blend of Socialism and Nationalism.

The new primary voter ecstatically opted for a crude, loud, and abrasive leader (most decidedly not a gentleman) unburdened by ethical inhibitions, conventional speech taboos, or even good manners, who rather than promising to dismantle government, affirmed the Welfare State safety net, and promised special governmental protection for the working-class voter’s particular special interests above the general interest. To the American worker he promised to give protection from labor competition domestically through a crackdown on immigration (Nativism) and –a bit late!– protection from labor competition abroad via tariff barriers, trade wars, and specific presidential intimidation of companies considering lower costs by exporting jobs.

Trump won his massive and enthusiastic following by appealing frankly and openly to crude selfishness, to class animosity, to anti-intellectualism, and to dim and brutish nationalistic hostilities: hostility toward immigrants, hostility toward foreign labor and business competition, and even hostility toward American military alliances with other countries and toward America’s international role and international responsibilities.

Donald Trump succeeded precisely by appealing to the worst prejudices, the worst ideas, and the worst attitudes of the American electorate. And he successfully won their hearts and enthusiastic support by fighting dirty: by shamelessly lying, by contradicting himself and reversing statements and positions, by bullying and name-calling, by interrupting, and by generally misbehaving.

Trump turned the Republican Primary Contest into a combination of TV reality show and professional wrestling extravaganza. Trump’s characteristic man-bites-dog behavior kept the attention of the dim-bulb media fixated on him, and delivered an estimated $2 billion in free publicity. And the unhappy Republican voter ate it all up.

Donald Trump built a successful candidacy essentially by the grossest kind of inversion of values. He appealed to voters by breaching good manners and decorum and by an extraordinarily open display of contempt for civility, integrity, and principles, with wheedling, limitless braggadocio, and flattery piled high on top. It seems possible that he could go on to win the presidency by outdoing even the democrats in appealing to the basest and most contemptible aspects of human nature. You can’t blame any Republican leadership failure for any of this. You can only blame what Isaiah Berlin used to speak of as “the crooked timber of Humanity.”

Principled Republicans should not unite behind Donald Trump. What we need to do now is to stop Donald Trump and to nip everything he stands for in the bud.

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Worked for Mussolini.


If only you people had been half as upset about Obama and were a quarter as clear about Clinton … No credibility.


You must be a very new reader.


You’ve been given your choice. So go vote for Hillary Clinton.

Nobody gives a fuck.


Always helpful to have the Brownshirts show up to illustrate the point.


I have read with interest for a long time before the current drumpfrangement. Show me where he spoke of the left this way.


Nazis and Nationalists and Nativists, oh my! Such purple prose and so much to unravel, if one had the time and the inclination. Please do not rage stroke before November. It will be okay, no one will mistake you for a yob.


Pensans, just Google search “Never Yet Melted” and “Barack Obama” and “Never Yet Melted” and “Hillary Clinton” or “Never Yet Melted” and “Left Think.”


I think you’re missing something. This is not a hissy fit from the people. You depreciate there sentiments when you say Trump voters are “distressed and made unhappy by the results of Barack Obama’s performance and leftist democrat policies, turned in fury on the opposition leadership” as the reason they hate Republicans. Hogwash. They fought for years to win the Cold War and when they did all they got was twelve years of Bushes, with Republican majorities in both House and Senate. The Cold War was fought with the tacit understanding that we had to make concessions to the traitorous fifth column that is the Left in this country. And then when it’s time to reward thrift and sacrifice with freedom every promise, years in the making, is more than broken. They simply disappeared into thin air as though they never existed. The Libertarian wing of the Rs was set upon and sent packing with the usual “You’re all too immature” talk. Republicans talk like Libertarians and govern like Democrats with the only difference being which cronies they reward with public funds. So when voters reject Cruz they are not rejecting what he says. They simply do not believe a word of it. The one thing they know is that their enemies hate Trump with all their being. That can’t be faked or nuanced and they trust that. All other doors are closed to them. Trump is the great unknown, but the others are well known and are known to be reprehensible. All this talk of measured governance and mature compromise has been shown to be no more than “shut up and obey” while the establishment pursues its own goals with crumbs thrown to the masses on occasion. Even this is don’t in a calculated and cynical manner. All Obama did, honest SOB that he is, is to remove the false mask of law that covered previous masters’ power dealing. We owe him a debt for that, but I doubt its one he will want payed back. This is not a business as usual election. It’s the opening volley of a new war.

Like Mencius Moldbug, I think it is virtually unavoidable due to the canabalistic nature of human nature acting in numbers in the context of an unlimited democracy. Unfortunately, I doubt an election can rebottle the lightning we once had in our Constitution.

So what’s ahead? Bankruptcy, social unrest and, as BHO once again honest to his Marxist roots, big, big changes.


One day I will proof before I post and than everything will change! :)


“In the primary contests this year, there was little voter interest in returning to Republican pro-growth, pro-freedom, economic restoration policies.”

We have seen little of that from the Republican party for some time.

I’m curious whether you think it is moral for citizens of a country to have a say in who enters their country?

I have never heard Trump indicate he is against immigration– just illegal immigration.

As to his Muslim comments, why have so few proposed refugees from war torn Syria been Christian and other non Muslim refugees– the ones that are actually being targeted for extermination?

Why would we want to allow people into this country that are antithetical to the values and traditions of our country? Is that immoral?

I guess those that propose an open border (a borderless world?) accept on faith that all those immigrants will assimilate to their new culture. What if the evidence shows that large portions don’t, but merely transform their new land to look like the one they left? Should that make a difference?

Why have rich Muslim countries in the middle east not offered to take any of these refugees?

Putting a Hitlerish mustache on Trump is the same sort of crude rhetoric that you despise in Trump. The hyperbole you use in describing him isn’t necessary and counterproductive.


Could you also explain your definition of facist?


Trump has already been demoted from Hitler to a mere fascist. I’m really starting to lose faith in the guy.


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