23 May 2016

Question of the Age

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Via Glenn Reynolds:

ANN ALTHOUSE POSES THE QUESTION OF THE AGE: “Did Donald Trump make that happen or did he just sit back coolly and let it happen or — if such a thing is possible — is this not even about Donald Trump?”

Ann Althouse was actually referring to Megyn Kelly losing negotiating power with Fox News due to her performance interviewing Donald Trump, but when I first read it, I thought she was referring to the mania for Trump that swept over “Reagan democrats” and Low-Information Voter Republicans.

One Feedback on "Question of the Age"


I like Megan Kelly, I watched here more when she was on in the mornings than I do her evening show. IMHO when she questioned Trump in the debate it was clear she was intending to try to take him down and it wasn’t intended to present debate issues. Trump reacted in his typical counter-punch New Yorker style, nothing more, nothing less. I believe that everyone with a fair mind saw this for what it was. For weeks/months afterwards Megan used her show to “dis” Trump and somehow prop up her actions. She would have been better off to simply forget the incident. She bills herself as a strong woman and indeed she is, very outspoken and very opinionated but then she whined that O’Reilly and FOX didn’t have her back in her private cat fight with Trump. All of these things cut into her popularity. It wasn’t Trump it was Megan herself who created her problems.


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