05 Jun 2016

Alt-Right Is an Evil Movement



Walter Hudson contends that Alt-Right is evil and we have a duty to oppose it.

Collectivism is evil. That is why racism should be opposed, not because it offends, but because it denies the nature of human beings as individuals and places a group above them. Collectivism comes in many forms, with beneficiaries defined on different terms. But whether it’s the nation, the race, the faith, the tribe, or any other overriding entity, no group has the right to subordinate individuals, ever, under any circumstances. That is the American way of life. Far from preserving it, the alt right stands poised to crush it. The alt right acts as a hammer to the anvil of the regressive left. In the crossfire between the two, what remains of personal liberty will die.

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If all forms of collectivism are evil, then we should not talk about an American way of life.

Individuals can be spoken of as members of groups because they are. We do this all the time with propriety, e.g., “he is my family member” “she is my daughter.”



You may not be interested in racial identity politics, but racial identity politics is interested in you. I agree with Mr. Hudson’s ideals of personal liberty/individualism in theory, but he is either naive or dishonest to suggest erstwhile minorities will not continue to vote their collective interest, as they largely do today, once they attain the majority in this country. What I have read of the Alt Right is too diverse to categorically characterize as evil, as Hudson failed to convince simply advocating for one’s group is evil. Is the NAACP evil? I have seen some Alt Right opinion, mainly in the form of comments, that clearly is morally indefensible. It’s a mixed bag.


When reputable politicians refuse to allow discussion of an issue, it will be discussed by disreputable politicians. This the sole origin and cause of the alt-right..


You can find everything that the Alt-right has said and far worse but directed to the other side. The NAACP, ACORN, unions, black panthers, BLM, etc. When a pundit on TV proudly declares that the Republicans have a problem with black votes or women’s votes they are in fact racist/sexist. Of course by implication this also means that Democrats have a problem with white votes and Male votes, but for some reason that is never spoken of. Racism is alive and well and rising fast… on the left.


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