13 Jun 2016




2 Feedbacks on "Inanimate"


I’ve come to believe that there is something in the mindset of many people that allows them to believe that if the goal is really, really worthy, then legislation can overcome deeply rooted human behavior. Last week I had an argument with an (otherwise) intelligent woman who within a period of ten minutes proclaimed that a) it was futile to try to prevent drug use with laws and DEA agents and b) new gun control laws and strict enforcement would prevent gun violence. I can only infer that the former goal was just not important enough to her.


Those on the left, in general, are afraid of guns. Not because of occasional shootings, but because of the empowerment of a armed citizenry. You simply cannot have kings and despotic rulers if the citizens are armed. Make no mistake; most of those on the left don’t “want” kings and despotic rulers BUT the things they do want lead to kings and despotic rulers and make that result inevitable. The left wants what it wants just as a child wants cake instead of vegetables and has no regard to what the result of their desire might bring.


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