21 Jun 2016

“It’s Rare That You See Someone Get Stupider”

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Mark Cuban was invited to comment on the campaign performance of his former friend The Donald on the ABC program “Shark Tank.”

When Renee asked Cuban about his former friend, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, he held nothing back. He said, “You know what? It’s rare that you see someone get stupider before your eyes, but he’s really working at it…You have to give him credit. It’s a difficult thing to do, but he’s accomplished it.”

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bob sykes

Unfortunately for Cuban, himself a well-know wacky guy, Trump is the only sane, honest candidate we have. He is right on immigration, right on trade and right on our foreign alliances.


Trump is a demagogue on all three issues. He’s right basically on not admitting Muslims. But opponents of Free Trade are economic illiterates, and Trump’s talk about Isolationism and bullying Allies is pure stupidity.


We are well and truly screwed in this election.


People who think that what we have now is free trade are idiots.

We are economic war with China and other countries and have been for years. We are losing. And the succession of governments we have had since the end of WWII have done nothing but appease our economic enemies. Nothing is made here anymore. Our intellectual property has been pilfered, openly and without serious objection from our government. And China owns $1.3 trillion of US debt, and is now manipulating the value of our currency as well as their own.

It’s time for a clear thinking, bold leader to turn this tide.


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