21 Jul 2016

A Matter of Conscience

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King Cheeto

Via David Solin:

“If having someone say ‘vote your conscience’ hurts a candidate then the problem is with the candidate, not with the guy saying that.”


Steve Berman:

The problem isn’t that Cruz failed to endorse a Constitution-loving conservative, it’s that most of Trump’s followers either don’t care about those things or know in their minds it’s not true yet support him anyway.

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Has Cruz put his application into Goldman Sachs yet, or is he planning on four more fun years as the most despised Republican in the Senate?

Great future.
Fun times.

Seattle Sam

I realize we’re not supposed to take anything a politician says seriously, but if Ted Cruz had insulted my wife and father I don’t think I’d be able to support him either.

Old Salt

Two problems with Cruz:

1. He took an oath. Call me old-fashioned and superstitious but breaking an oath is very bad ju-ju. I’m stunned at how casually these guys are about it.

2. While bitching and making it all about himself, he never got to the real solution – getting truly conservative majorities in control of both Houses of Congress to check whichever idiot we elect President.

Thanks for nothing Ted, sorry I voted for you a few months ago.


The next president is going to nominate two, possibly three Supreme Court justices.

If Hillary is elected, the move leftward will be real and it will alter every institution of society for a long time. The left has found the constitution to be as malleable as putty.

That should be on everyone’s conscience– are you helping elect Hillary or not.


During the March 3rd Republican Debate, your pussy boy Cruz said he would support the nominee of his Party. But then he got his ass kicked all over the country (with the exception of those powerfully important states, Utah, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado and Wisconsin) by a novice with no political experience.
And this pompous creep, who thinks he’s the reincarnation of James Madison, and who called the Senate Majority leader a liar from the well of the chamber, was insulted by remarks made about Daddy and Wife’y. Awwwwwww.

What a fukin’ shame that something like that could happen in presidential politics. So surprising. Do you need a tissue, Ted?

We should all be glad he’s done and won’t be running against the Clinton machine. She’d eat his lunch, steal his milk money and kick his ass off the swing set this fall, just for practice.


Honest people need place, tradition, and truth. Law is the end of, and not the means to these. The Constitution merely reflects the seven framers; not vice versa. “Make America Great Again” speaks to this. That this place can again reflect objectifiable, remembered truth.

Hillary is a godless liar. A vote for her is a vote for death.


Trump continues to put out shades of Mussolini in his pointless bombast, personal extravagance and lack of industriousness. We will pay the price regrettably.


Cruz had a pretty good shoe string operation and is still advocating for conservative candidates. I think the obvious butt hurt on the Donald”s part is the recognition that that organization is not going to be at his (DJT:s) disposal. I suppose by now he has recognized how bad and outdated the GOPe grassroots organization is. If not, it only puts him on Romney”s level – I am supposed to believe in magic Businessman who puts a totally untested IT application out the day before an election, apparently unaware that about 1/3 of votes are already in the can due to absentee and early voting.


If you missed this one, please read before you contribute a dime to any Republican:



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