22 Jul 2016

GOP Nominates a Liberal Democrat This Year

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Ben Shapiro has some choice words about what the Republican Party has done.

The irony of Donald Trump’s nomination for president of the United States is that the same establishment that he supposedly opposes has been praying for a candidate of his ilk for decades: a social leftist, a secular materialist, a big government activist. In other words, the establishment has drooled about nominating a Democrat for years.

They finally did it.

Trump’s new Republican Party has nothing to do with the Constitution or conservatism – he mentioned the Constitution one time this week, conservatism zero times, freedom one time, liberty zero times, the unborn zero times, God zero times, and himself some 83 times. As he said, America is broken and “I alone can fix it.”

Trump promises to fix your problems; Hillary promises to fix your problems. Freedom means fixing your own damn problems. It’s their job to get government out of your way.

Or at least that used to be the conservative line.

No longer, in Trumpservative America.

Read the whole thing.

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From Coyote Blog. Trump is different how from the other politicians? Perhaps he just isn’t as good as hiding it?

“In the New Yorker article, Trump’s ghost[writer] says that Trump is not nearly as smart as he is made out to be, he is petty and childish and vain and self-absorbed. He apparently makes promises he never keeps and has made a mess of a number of his businesses. He has a short attention span and a shallow understanding of most issues.

“Which all leads me to ask — how does this make him any different from most other politicians, including the one he is running against for President? Is he unique in these qualities or merely unique in his inability or unwillingness to hide them? Does he have more skeletons in his closet, or does he just engender less personal loyalty so that more of his insiders speak out?”


Seattle Sam

I think we have to admit that the country is pretty much doomed when BOTH candidates believe that more government will solve anything. Democrats always longed for the US to become Europe, and now even Republicans concur.


There are more than 50 shades of doomed. Vote.

Steve Gregg

Trump will make the trains run on time!


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