15 Aug 2016

Trump Ties to Vladimir Putin Evidenced

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Wendi Deng Murdoch and Ivanka Trump vacationing together in Dubrovnik

A younger friend from Yale sent me this interesting item.

Occupy Democrats screams:

Surprise, surprise! Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and the ex-wife of Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch and current girlfriend of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Wendi Deng Murdoch, are best buddies who just went on a lavish vacation together…. Trump’s vow that he does not know or speak to Putin is now obviously proved untrue.


Occupy Democrats is obviously a commie blog, but People Magazine confirms the story, and adds one pretty significant detail.

Ivanka Trump is taking a break from the campaign trail to vacation with friends.

The daughter of GOP nominee Donald Trump shared a scenic snap with Wendi Deng Murdoch, the ex-wife of billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, from Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Trump, 34, was spotted with husband Jared Kushner in the city’s old town, seemingly taking a couple’s vacation without their three children – Arabella, 5, Joseph, 2, and Theodore, 4 months.

Deng Murdoch was actually responsible for setting up Trump and Kushner.


Concerning the Wendi Deng Murdoch-Putin Connection, I find that there were gossip stories all over the media last March & April.

US Magazine, 31 March:

How’s this for a new couple alert? The rumor circulating around the corridors of power — from Washington, D.C., to Europe and Asia — is that Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng, Rupert Murdoch’s ex-wife, are dating.

Reports of the pair have been floating around for years, ever since their respective divorces in 2014 and 2013.

One insider close to the powerful leader tells Us Weekly the relationship is “serious.” …

Deng has yet to be spotted looking romantic with the Russian leader, but was seen boarding her pal Roman Abramovich’s yacht in St. Bart’s on Monday, March 28. Abramovich also happens to be friends with Putin.


Daily Mail, 2 April:

Wendi Deng has been seen frolicking in the tropical waves of St Barts amid claims that she is in a ‘serious’ relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The 47-year-old showed off her impressive figure in a skimpy red bikini as she splashed about on the Caribbean coast with friends.

Deng has been enjoying a holiday on St Barts aboard the $400 million yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, a close friend of Putin.

Assuming the gossip reportage is correct, it looks like there really are some pretty intimate links between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Hat tip to Emmy Chang.

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Meanwhile, reports of several federal investigations of the Clinton Foundation for public corruption gets crickets. Hillary gets points for releasing her 2015 tax returns showing $10 million in income and generous charitable giving to . . . what else? The Clinton Foundation.

I’ve enjoyed NYM for a lot of years. Maybe too long.


I agree with LIBERTYORWHAT??!!.

Anti-Trump zealots dig up anything they can, often on the skimpiest evidence, and usually entirely speculative, i.e., based on future events of behavior. Yet Clinton leaves a wake of theft, scandal, and criminal behavior and they turn a blind eye.


This is probably the biggest reach on this site in quite a while, and that’s saying something.

Did a member of the Trump family back their car over your fucking dog, or something?

I think you need to consider getting some help. Really.

Dan Kurt

Dear JDZ,

At some point I would like you to explain your Trump Derangement Syndrome. Why are you in this anti-Trump crusade.

It may be justified but without background it just seems bizarre.

Dan Kurt


This, it seems, is grasping at straws. It is interesting that the rich and famous tend to congregate though.
Next you’ll be insinuating that Trump pals around with Hillary!


To quote your apparent choice for President, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


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