19 Aug 2016

Trumpkins, Blame Yourselves



Erick Erickson, like myself, refuses to take the blame for the impending debacle.

There really are not going to be very many silver linings for conservatives coming out of this election season. Hillary Clinton is going to be President. That is a given. The Supreme Court is going to move left. That is a given. The regulatory state is going to expand. That is a given. Congressional Republicans, in an effort to appear reasonable, will cut bad deals. That is a given.

All of these things are the logical outcome of Donald Trump’s disastrous campaign. His supporters are now fixated on the idea that those of us who warned them of the consequences of their actions are to blame for those consequences. It is akin to being blamed for a death when you warned the person the gun was loaded so they shouldn’t point it at their head and pull the trigger.

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In other words, nominating Trump will have the same result as nominating any of the other Republican candidates.


Sorry I didn’t support Trump but The Party did nothing to support viable canditates. They let the clown show go on instead of kicking the one percenters ot the side and getting behind cruse and rubio. Yea they dont like cruse but he could have one with support but keeping the others diluted the vote so that 30 percent was a winner. They have no one to blame but themselves


It is pure fiction to believe this is all the fault of those who liked and voted for Trump. Jeb and the rest of the Rinos didn’t lose because “trumpkins” blindly voted for Trump. Jeb and his herd of Rinos lost because they were losers. Our country is in dire straits and the world is far more dangerous today than at any time prior to 1941. We needed a statesman, someone with vision and ability and what did the Republicans offer us? Jeb and Kasich. The Democrats offered Hillary and Bernie.

A large percentage of the citizens/voters know we are in trouble and know that our leaders are either clueless or corrupt. We may well be on the verge of losing our Republic, perhaps violently.

Trump may not be the right man for the job. There may in fact be someone better. But if there is they have not come forward. Right now Trump is the only one actually pointing at the real problems and actually suggesting the correct/best solutions. Everyone else in government is carefully avoiding speaking the truth and dare not suggest anything that might actually fix the country.

Sadly I am convinced that Hillary will win and equally convinced that it will be a disaster for our country. I hope to hell I am wrong, but if I’m not god save us all.

Seattle Sam

In 1972 Democrats faced a similar problem. But Bob Strauss and the DNC managed to keep Democrats in Congress from losing too many seats in the Nixon landslide.

Vernon Speer

The Primary is history…so now the choice is between Clinton or Trump. The choice should be obvious. It’s not that Trump is so good, but Clinton is so bad.

Doc Wilson

Every election is a vote for the least of two evils. Time for those who call themselves conservative to put on their big girl panties and vote against Hillary and make sure everyone knows that is the only option. Or change your profile and loudly proclaim your support for Hillary, either way time to man up this may be your last chance to influence anything.


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