22 Aug 2016

“I’m Gonna Lose So Good”


Adam Edelman, at the Daily News, speculates that the Trump Campaign reorganization and the hiring of abrasive Breitbart head Steve Bannon is all about letting Trump continue to be Trump, and redoubling his identification with the Alt-Right, as he flies the remainder of his campaign right into the ground.

Make America great again — by lighting a match and flicking it into the dumpster of a floundering campaign.

The reshuffling of Donald Trump’s brain trust could be a white flag — an intentional effort to tank the presidential election in spectacular fashion.

The GOP nominee’s presidential bid emerged from its most disastrous stretch to date so wounded that Trump had no choice but to pull a few strings, outwardly as a last-ditch try to make his race with Hillary Clinton more competitive.

But the shakeup last week, some experts say, was actually to seal his fate — a “yuge” November loss — by bringing in flashy advisers who will just let him be himself, and let his circus tent crash and burn.

“Trump may indeed be planning to lose in the loudest and most destructive way possible,” David Birdsell, dean of the Public Affairs School at Baruch College, told the Daily News.

That was Birdsell’s response when asked about Trump’s decision to bring in Stephen Bannon, the executive chairman of far-right news and opinion site Breitbart. …

“The move ignores the deep discomfort most Americans feel about the alt-right crowd. Trump’s winking flirtations with the far right have been distressing enough,” Birdsell said. “But Bannon is firmly established in this world; the daylight between Trump and some of the ugliest corners of the American polity is about to shrink to a nullity.”

It’s a head-scratching move that will likely solidify his popularity among his base, but do little to attract voters among other demographics he needs to win a majority in the Electoral College in November.

“He’s already doing just fine among the far-right and among less-educated whites … and the problem is that there aren’t enough such people in the country to put him over the top,” Birdsell explained. “It might look better if they were concentrated in battleground states, but they’re not. Many are already in safely red states such as Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.


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