25 Aug 2016

Trump Flipflops on Immigration

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Personally, I prefer Trump’s position on immigration now that he has flipflopped, but Ann Coulter, poor girl!, is having kittens over it, and just two days after her very own pro-Trump campaign book was released.


What do you suppose all the Trumpkins who stay on board are going to say when Trump starts revising his position on Gun Control? and when he announces his new and thoroughly-revised list of potential Supreme Court appointees?

2 Feedbacks on "Trump Flipflops on Immigration"

Seattle Sam

The Art of the Deal tells us that you should be willing to adopt any position that you think will advantage you in getting the deal closed favorably. So why would anybody be surprised? There may be value to taking that position, but counting on Trump to be consistent is simply naive.

Steve Gregg

As I said, Trump’s strategy has been to say anything he needs to win the deal, then walk away from his promises, telling the other guy to sue him if he doesn’t like it. Apparently, PT Barnum was right, there is a Trump supporter born every minute.


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